Monday, 2 August 2010

Asher & Shawna, my happy babies!

It's coming August and I'm still in May!!! Yikes!!!
It's now 1st August 2010, and Shawna can speak gibberish already. Like as though she is talking (and complaining) hahaha... We think she'd be a fast talker... as in, she'd start talking before Asher and before Isaac did at that age.
Shawna's also very good at reaching out for stuff. If I carry her at the table now, she'd always reach out and grab whatever within reach. She also recognises me and hold her arms out to signal that she wants me to carry her :)
Shawna has started to "recognise people" and now would only allow people familiar to her to carry her. If someone she is unfamiliar with carries her, she would start fussing and crying.

Asher is not so discerning. Not sure it's coz he doesn't yet "recognise people" or is it his character? Coz he does recognise me, and would also want me to carry him if he see me (he doesn't hold out his arms though, he whines... ;p) But Asher is fine with anyone carrying him. Asher's very strong and can remain in this position for quite a long period of time. It's his favourite position. Shawna's favourite position right now is sitting up.
Asher still can't sit steadily on his own, but he can really crawl now! I put him at one end of the mattress and tried to take pix of him. But coz he wanted me to carry him, he kept crawling towards me and I had to keep backing up so that I could take pix! hahaha...Both Asher and Shawna are very smiley and happy babies. Just like Isaac! :) Hehehe... just like Mummy and Papa? *grinz* :p
pix taken on 23rd May 2010
Asher & Shawna @ approx 4 and a half months

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