Thursday, 19 August 2010

Pix, pix and more pix!!! (studio pix 4)

Studio pix batch 4! Just three pictures this time round. It was really fun taking pix that day. We only wished that Shawna was awake when we took pictures. But with kids that young, it's hard to coordinate. But think the pictures still came out pretty well.
So it's a good thing that Shawn & Helena (Mr & Mrs Photographer) have converted one of the rooms in their home into a home studio! We can't wait to try it out! Especially now that the twins are older and are able to keep awake for a longer period of time.
Look at these two pix ;p I thought hubbs looked quite funny hahaha reminds me of the times when we did Playback Theatre. Think the next time round when we take pix at the home studio, I'm gonna suggest we take more candid shots like that. Experiment a little, huh.
pix taken on 10th April 2010

Oh and I just thought of a good reason why I wanted more kids, so that when I take photo, they'd block me - like in these pix - so that I won't look so fat! hahahahahhahahahaa... kidding. that's NOT why I have kids. silly. It's just an added bonus point ;p

I'm so fat I need to exercise!!! urrghhhh!!!! Just on Sunday, hubbs took a pic of me and Isaac. I looked at the pic and said:"Gosh! I look so fat here!" And hubbs said:"Right. Yes. That's what it is." BASKET. sighz. I need to exercise!!!

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