Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Skinny hubbs! (studio pix 2)

This is the second batch of studio pix for your viewing pleasure! :) If you're thinking to yourself that the pix don't look very different - just look at Isaac. Most of the time, HE is the variable!!! :p
You know how skinny hubbs is. He has always been skinny. He can eat A LOT and STILL be skinny. Envious envious. Bottomless pit, he certainly is. He has always been 'healthy skinny' though. Like not toooooo skinny. Especially at one time when he was doing a lot of rock climbing - had pretty buff bod at that time :p (yes, that was before we got married).Well, recently, everyone who's seen hubbs have been commenting that he's lost weight! Seriously, everyone from neighbours, to relatives, to friends, to my colleagues, even Isaac's teachers! And truly, I have never seen hubbs with a flatter butt than now - and that's saying something!
As hubbs puts it, he has lost 10kg since the start of this year... when Asher & Shawna were born. Usually he says this to illustrate how "not easy" it is to raise a pair of twins. Well, okay, he attributes 6 kg of his weight loss to this.
pix taken on 10th April 2010

The other 4kg was lost during this past month or so, when he fell sick with the viral fever (9 days of fever!) during the same period when the twins were hospitalised and Isaac, my MIL and even the helper fell sick. Then my mum and I caught a bit of it towards the end of the run.

Last week, we had another run of the virus - think a different one this time. This round, Isaac started the fever first, then Asher, then Shawna, and now hubbs is running an on-off fever for the past 3 days. sighz.

Poor hubbs. Not sure why he's been hit by this spell of poor health. Think he's not very used to it either - coz all his life, he's been very active in sports and all, and has always been in the pinkest of health. We feel that it's coz he occasionally helps me out at night when both babies cry at the same time - we noticed that he tends to feel very tired and weak when he hasn't had enough sleep.

Sigh! Get well soon, hubbs!!! :)

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