Saturday, 7 August 2010

Studio Pix on 10th April 2010!

Some of you may have noticed the studio pix on my facebook, and on the left column of this blog :) Yeah we took studio pix!!! hehehe... and you know how (like wedding pix) that every picture seems nice? hahaha so for the next 10 blog posts - I'm going flood you with all the pix I thought were nice... my blog - I get to do whatever I want ;p !!! kekeke...
My JC Odac clique had 4 of us pregnant at about the same time - within 6 months - 5 babies were born - so the kiddos are all about the same age. One of the Daddies - Daddy Shawn of lil' Rachel is into photography. So when Helena & Shawn suggested this photo session at the studio - we were all game!
We had tonnes of fun that day, posing and all. Isaac wasn't as cooperative as we'd hoped he'd be, but all things considered, the pix came out pretty good (Isaac got super cranky as the morning wore on).
I cropped this picture of Isaac below from one of the pix that I'd looked awful in. Look, you can see the blemish on his chin where his classmate Chewy bit him. kekeke... The scar's gone now, thankfully. Hahaha...pix above taken on 10th April 2010
Isaac @ 2 years and 8 months plus
Asher & Shawna @ 3 months plus

Some of you, having seen our studio pix on Facebook, have already been smsing me asking me for details of it. Well, here's a preview for you! Below is the flyer that Shapes Photography is sending for printing as we speak (click on the picture to see a bigger version of it). You may also visit Shawn & Helena's website at to see more of Shawn's pictures. If you don't see any package which suits what you want - do give Shawn a call, contact number's avail on the website. Oh and you know what? They've got a home studio set up - which I think is perfect for those of us with babies

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