Wednesday, 25 August 2010

United Colours of Isaac (studio pix 6)

You know how Isaac knew his colours from a young age, right? I remember I took the opportunity to teach his colours early, coz I liked to talk to him a lot. As in, I would literally give him a running commentary on everything he sees.

Like in the car, I would go:"Look at that big truck, Isaac! Isn't it huge?!" or "Look at the sky! Aren't the colours beautiful?!" Soon, I realised that in order to adequately point something out to him, I need him to know his colours. Like ya know "Look at the tall trees, Isaac. The green things are the trees, no, that's a bus, that's not a tree. THOSE are trees, those green bushy thingys?!"
So anyway he knows his colours well. And recently, we realised that he would use colours to refer to things which he doesn't know the name of. But then we realised that we have to remember what he is trying to refer to!

Isaac: Mummy, where is my Red?
Me: Huh? What red?
Isaac: My Red, Mummy, my Red!!!
Me: Huh? what what? What is red? What are you referring to?
Isaac: *getting increasingly flustered* MY RED!!! I WANT MY RED!!!
Me: *suddenly occurred to me* OH! Your red Woody Woodpecker Lunch Box with your cars inside?!
Isaac: Yes, my Red.
Me: Your red lunch box. Say, red box.
Isaac: My red box. Where is it, Mummy?
Me: Oh, it's at home. I'd find it for you when we get home, okay?
Isaac: Okay :)
Earlier this month... as we were leaving my sister's place. We were all getting into the car...

Isaac: Papa, where's my Blue?
hubbs: Huh? What's blue? *flashes me a questioning glance*
Isaac: My Blue! My Blue!
Me: Isaac, say properly, what is blue? Describe to us?
Isaac: Where is my Blue!?!?
hubbs: Oh!!! Your BLUE skate scooter that Ee-ee just gave you, issit?
Isaac: Yes, my Blue.
Me: Skate scooter, Isaac. It's called your skate scooter.
Isaac: Skate scooter. Where?
hubbs: It's in the back of the car. We got it.
Isaac: Okay.
Yesterday night, we just picked up hubbs, and we were parking the car... Isaac was sitting with him...

Isaac: Papa, *said Isaac, touching hubbs' chin* You use the Green?
hubbs: Yes, I used the green.
Me: huh? what's green?
Isaac: And here? *touching hubbs upper lips* You never use the Green?
hubbs: No, not yet, haven't use the green.
Me: *getting very bewildered* huh, what's green?!
hubbs: Shaver
Me: Oh.... *roll*eyes*That's United Colours of Isaac for you!!! :)


  1. kids these days are just so cute! love reading your happy posts!

  2. Hey you can enrich Isaac's vocabulary by talking about the various shades of red, green and blue ... Like maroon, turquoise, cobalt ...

    Then it gets easier to identify the particular item too :)

    - shups

  3. hey shups,

    Great idea! Thanks! Dunno why I didn't think of it before! :p



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