Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Updates on twins (studio pix 3)

The third installment of studio pix for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure!) :p Mrs Photographer was the one who came up with this idea of the totem - I remember. She was trying to feed baby Rachel while giving us instructions on how to stand and how to hold the babies. She's got a good eye for such things! :)
Updates! updates! Asher's teeth broke surface a couple of weeks back, a few weeks after Shawna's did. Lately, I also realised that his hair is longer now. His hair grows slower than Shawna's does. Shawna's hair is thicker (each strand) whereas Asher's hair is very fine. It's amazing how different they are, really :)
One comment that we tend to receive is that they each "have their own face" - meaning, they look different lah. People tend to comment that Shawna's got a "girl face" and Asher's got a "boy face" or that Shawna looks like me whereas Asher looks like hubbs. All we say to these comments is: "Heng ah!!!" ;p or as we would say in English - Thank goodness!!! :) Praise the Lord!!! hahahhahaa...
Shawna has started to crawl, though not as efficiently as Asher yet. That isn't to say that Shawna is not mobile though. She moves about a lot and gets to where she wants by wriggling her butt, and swiveling on her hips, or by flipping here and there. She's very good at it. Did I mention too that she's very adept at reaching out and grabbing for things with her hands? Asher's starting to do that too. So when I carry them and eat at the same time, I have to make sure they don't reach out and grab my plate off the table!
pix taken on 10th April 2010

Both of them will also ask to be carried now. Shawna would look at me, cry out as though she was calling out to me, and hold out her arms towards me, to indicate that she wants me to carry. She is starting to recognise people and would not allow unfamiliar people to carry her. She is fine to play on the mat if I sit next to her, but once I walk away, out of sight, she will cry coz she doesn't see me :) This is normal developmentally. It will be awhile more before she learns that out of sight does not mean the subject ceases to exist.

Asher, with his efficient crawling, will crawl towards the person he wants to be carried by. He will literally crawl to me, and start rubbing his face on my knee/thigh, and making pleading noises, to ask to be carried. He still doesn't sit stable yet, but he's learning. Unlike Shawna, Asher is quite okay with unfamiliar people carrying him. We have to be careful to make sure he doesn't get carried away, literally!

Isaac was more like Shawna, could recognise people and didn't allow unfamiliar people to carry him. Even at this age of 3, he still doesn't take to 'strangers' very well. Just the other day, we met Auntie Helen in church, and you know what she called Isaac? She said that he's a "Touch Me Not" !!! hahaha... how apt!

But for all three of them, they're very smiley. Shawna and Isaac (when he was a baby), despite them not willing to let strangers carry them - they would always smile at people. Very smiley. Asher - like my mum commented - smiles the moment you look at him (and catch his eye). The happy one, indeed! :)

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