Thursday, 2 September 2010

Balancing Isaac (studio pix 9)

Cool pic of Isaac huh. So meng3, right?! hahaha...Yes, he is actually standing on our shoulders, without any support whatsoever! Which explains why hubbs was trying to hold him, in the picture above. But Isaac didn't want to hold on to hubbs' hands. He insisted on balancing on his own. Fine job he did with that too!
As you can tell, hubbs managed to keep a hand on Isaac's leg - just in case :p Well, Isaac has always enjoyed balancing and stuff like that. Remember we had one or two posts showing Isaac balancing on hubbs' shoulders? Yeah, so he's had practice...
Plus we signed him up for Gym class in school. He's been enjoying that. We went one time, to see him during Gym class, just to see what he does there. Simple balancing and rolls and stuff. Start simple I guess.
Sometimes we are quite amazed with what Isaac can do, and we go "Maybe he'd be a gymnast..." then hubbs and I would look at each other and go "No, no, dun want! Male gymnasts very short one!" kekekeke... no no, not discriminating against short guys... =D just saying only!
pix taken on 10th April 2010


  1. Very meng(3). Isaac looks like he's surfing in the first pic. Cool :) And I can see that he's trying to shoot out webs from his hands.

  2. yeah man, I like that meng3 pic hahaha... and yes, we were telling him to shoot webs etc hehehe...


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