Monday, 13 September 2010

Kisses, lots and lots of kisses!

Pictures as of 30th May 2010...

Totally behind, I know. But since late June, we've been falling "a round of sickness" - where one person gets sick and passes to the rest - at almost once a month! Not funny! This time, I hope it starts and ends with Isaac. please please please don't pass to anyone else... So, at 4 months, the twins were shaved - like in these pix. On Friday morning 10th September 2010, the twins @ 8 months, I shaved them again! Why? Coz Shawna's hair was growing kinda unevenly, and Asher's hair... er, there wasn't much. So... shave lah... :p
Look at my Shawna, so sweet, right? Even without her hair, she looks so sweet. She didn't cry when I shaved her hair, not at all. Quite a contrast to Asher, who started whimpering when I started shaving, but Asher didn't struggle much. Isaac, last time, use to struggle big time, and cry frantically as well.

Only just last weekend, Isaac finally allowed me to cut his hair for him using the shaver (aka hair clippers or hair trimming shears). Looks good, hehehe okay okay, will post some pix of him in his new hairdo soon.

Since we had all these rounds of sickness, I've been rather paranoid about Isaac passing his germs to the twins. Last time when he coughs, I'd tell him to please cover his mouth. So he did, but then, he would use his hands (which he just covered his mouth with when he coughed) to touch Asher & Shawna! :( sigh He also used to cough into their faces. So I told him to "look away" when he coughs. Which he does... but ends up looking away from one baby, only to cough into the other baby's face. Or he coughs into the mattress - where the babies sleep :( sigh
Then... remember that first major 'round' of sickness when we all fell sick, in late June? Isaac, at that time, I realised, kept on kissing the babies' face, hands and feet. Which is very sweet of him, this nice big kor kor to do that, but but but he's spreading his germs to them!?!?! sob sob!!! I told him not to kiss their hands and face, and (thought I compromised) by telling him that he could continue to kiss their feet. But then I realised that the babies also put their feet in their mouths. sigh. But anyway, Isaac refused to listen to me that he shouldn't kiss their face, hands and feet, and he continued to do so. Which is probably how the twins got infected with the virus...

Which is why I'm now quarantining him at my parents place now. Really not funny if the twins get HFMD. So anyway, I was kinda perplexed with Isaac's new (then in June) practice of kissing the twins' face, hands and feet. Especially the hands and feet, coz he would like not just kiss once, but many many times - reminds me of the father in The Adams Family kissing his wife on her arms. So I was complaining to hubbs...

Me: Dunno where he pick this up from - keep keeing the hands like that.
Hubbs stared at me with an unbelieving look on his face.
Me: What? what?
hubbs: He learn from you lah!
Me: Me??? Learn from me meh? No lah, I dun think so.
hubbs: It is lah.

I wasn't quite convinced... until one day... Isaac was doing his kissing thing, then he looked at me, beamed a bright Isaac-ky smile and said:"Mummy, see I kissing Asher and Shawna, just like you!!!" Sigh. "Yes, just like me, Isaac..." was I ever groaning within... I quickly said:" Yes, but Isaac, when Mummy has a cough, Mummy will not kiss Asher and Shawna, and even you. So now you coughing, you don't kiss Asher & Shawna okay? When you're better, then you can kiss them, okay?" He quickly dropped Asher's hand as he looked at me in horror. Since then, whenever I reminded him that he has a cough and shouldn't kiss the babies, he usually stops. Except when he's in a disagreeable mood... then he protests:" NO, I'M NOT SICK!" then he proceeds to keep kissing them... (which again, is why I'm insisting on the quarantine now...)
Kissing, kissing, oh I love kissing the kidzes! Everyday, I'd hug them and kiss them and smell them. Don't think I'd ever get sick of it and wanna stop. Except maybe next time, when Isaac and Asher just book out of army camp and come home extremely stinko-ish. Hahaha this reminds me of my Popo - my maternal grandma, who would always hug, kiss and smell us, to say goodbye, when we leave after visiting her. While hugging and smelling us, she would say "busuk busuk" which means "smelly smelly!" in Malay! :) So, I think I will still kiss my stinko boys!
In case you were wondering, the five pictures above this para is Asher :) The others before that was Shawna.
So yeah, coming back to this kissing thing. I didn't realise that Isaac has seen me kissing the babies, coz I am careful not to do it right in front of Isaac as I was afraid he would get jealous. Well, looks like my fears were unfounded - on the contrary, it taught Isaac to kiss and love the babies!
The only "side effect" is that he'd be spreading his germs when he is sick. Ah well. But Isaac is usually quite reasonable, as in, you can reason things out with him. When he is in the mood. hahaha. So yeah, that's our kissing story. *muakz*muakz* :) I wanna kiss my loyal readers too!!!

pix taken on 30th May 2010
Isaac @ 2 years almost 10 months
Asher & Shawna @ almost 5 months

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