Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Playing games & puzzles with Isaac

Here's hubbs and Isaac doing this puzzle thingy. Actually, it's not even a puzzle really, it's just some shapes which you can use to piece together pictures of dinosaurs. Really cute. We got it at the gift store at the Texas dinosaur park place we went when we were in USA in December 2008.
We enjoy doing puzzles and play boardgames with Isaac from an early age. Due to my own boardgaming interest, I am determine to introduce boardgames to my kids from an early age so that they can play with me next time! HAHAHA!
But seriously, I find that playing boardgames is very educational, and is very beneficial for kids development in more ways than one. So am very onz for spreading the love for boardgaming amongst my kids, nieces and nephews.
I've been very pleased that Isaac takes to the games very well. We started when he was about 17 months old with simpler games, and games meant for young kids. Then there was a brief hiatus when I was pregnant with the twins - my brain froze and I temporarily lost my enthusiasm for games. Also, I was physically too tired (my state of pregnancy took quite a toll on me, I guess) for me to actively engage Isaac in playing games. But now, I'm back in full swing! :)
pix taken on 6th June 2010
Isaac @ 2 years 10 months

Every night, after dinner, we would play games with Isaac before going to bed. A typical conversation goes like this:

Isaac: Mummy, I want to play game!
Me: Okay! Switch off the tv then! (Isaac watches tv while he eats)
Isaac: Okay! I want 3 games!
Me: 3 games?! Can we play one? It's late already.
Isaac: 2 games?
Me: okay! Which games do you want to play?
And Isaac goes to pick out the games he wants to play...

Unfortunately, due to my work demands, I usually pick him up right on the dot at 7pm. By the time we make it home, it's like 7.45pm. By the time Isaac and us have finished our dinner, it's usually about 9ish (bearing in mind we have to take turns to eat dinner coz we have to watch the twins). So by the time Isaac has taken his bath and we can play some games, it's almost 10pm.

But am happy to say we always manage to squeeze in at least two games every night, before we all go off to bed, where Isaac will insist we read him at least one book before it is lights off. Now that he's 3plus years old, he can really play quite a few games now so we have more choice than before.

What games do we play? kekeke... Most of it would not be the usual games that you have heard of or usually see. I'd tell you more about them in future posts. For now, I'd like to share with you two websites that does video reviews of boardgames by gamer families. I'm thinking of doing video reviews of games with Isaac as well! :)

Go check these websites out, they rock!!!
The Boardgame Family - Families that play together, stay together! (Hear! Hear!)
Games with Hayden

Click on the label below that says "GAMING" to see past posts of Isaac in action! :)

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