Monday, 18 October 2010

Chicken rice Isaac

Have I ever told you how stubborn Isaac is? When he wants something, he'd be bent on getting it, and he is very persistent and insistent about it. Well, yes, most kids are. But for most kids, you'd be able to distract them with something else. For example, if a kid wanted a sweet, you could distract him with a sticker, a new toy, or a new dvd, or compromise by giving him some fruit or biscuits. But not Isaac. In the words of my Mum, "Isaac's not easy to bluff."

So just this Sunday evening, we were on our way home, trying to decide where to go for dinner. We usually eat out for meals on weekends since we eat all our meals at home on weekdays. Hubbs and I were discussing, and we decided to go to Jurong Safra to the Hanis Cafe, which we kinda like. They had a good range of food from chinese dishes (like beef hor fun, fried rice etc) to like 10 different 'flavours' of spaghetti, to sandwiches and western food. East mix West - perfect for us.

Isaac was making a bit of a fuss over something else, and so in trying to distract him from THAT, I said...

Me: Isaac, are you hungry? Wanna eat dinner?
Isaac: Yes, I am hungry.
Me: Great! Do you want to eat spaghetti? (Spaghetti is one of Isaac's favourite food.)
Isaac: Nope. I want to eat chicken rice.
Me: (muttering to hubbs) Oh shit. Down there got chicken rice?
hubbs: (muttered back) OH. Think dun have.
Me: Er, Isaac, eat spaghetti lah. Very nice, you remember? That time you ate it all up!
Isaac: No no, I want chicken rice! I want to eat chicken rice at home!
hubbs: Maybe we should go Jurong Point... food court.
Me: Hmmm... okay...

Isaac sees us turn towards Jurong Point instead of turning into the road that'd lead to our house and he said: "Hey! You go there! Not here! Go home! I want to eat chicken rice at home!"
Me: There's no chicken rice at home darling. We have to go Jurong Point to buy.
Isaac: No! Go home! Buy, then go home and eat! I want to go home and eat!

There was a long queue getting into Jurong Point and so hubbs changed his mind and headed for Jurong Safra once again.
Isaac could see the change in direction, and that it wasn't going back to his house and started again: Hey! I want to go home to eat chicken rice! Go home! Go home!
Me: We eat at home everyday darling, let's eat outside during weekends okay?
Isaac: NO! I want to go home!
Me: Isaac, you very good boy, next time when you get married, then you come home to eat more often okay?
hubbs was chuckling at this... (hey, don't think I dunno, k :p)

hubbs turned into Jurong Safra carpark and started to cruise around for a lot... and then it came...

Isaac: Why are we here?! Are we going swimming? We are NOT swimming, right?! Then why you drive me here?! I want to go home to eat chicken rice!!!

It was hilarious. hubbs and I were laughing and yet trying to keep a straight face - coz Isaac was very serious...

We went up to Hanis Cafe, and we tried to get Isaac to order spaghetti. He was very adamant about his chicken rice. So much so that hubbs gave up, and we left Jurong Safra. In the end, we managed to convince him to eat outside - we ate at Pioneer Mall's foodcourt where there WAS chicken rice ;p

Isaac, my Isaac! :p

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