Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I have two pairs of twins!

This is my first pair of twins!!! kekeke... Isaac & Natalie!!! :) My son and (god)daughter! kekeke... How time flies, they're 3 year olds already! They do look rather alike in this picture, don't they? :)

Did I mention before? Isaac actually looks exactly as I did when I was young. And Natalie looks like my sister when she was young. So, growing up, people always commented that we didn't look like sisters coz we looked so different - i was so fair, she was so dark... etc amongst other things.
Seeing Isaac and Natalie side by side now, we can totally understand what everyone was saying - we didn't look alike at all! hahaha! My mum had always attributed the Milo drinking as a reason why my sister was so dark. And me? She drank soybean milk :p
Oh! I forgot to update you guys on the HFMD episode! Thanks Melvin and Shups for the comments :) Isaac got well within a week. So when he went back to the doctor for the follow-up check, he got the all-clear to go back to school.

He didn't actually get many spots on his hands and feet, just like 3 spots in total we spotted. Instead, his biggest bugbear was the huge ulcer on his tongue. And I mean HUGE - it was like a 20 cent coin in area. Very painful I can imagine. Thankfully, it was on one side of his tongue, so he would need to use the other cheek to chew his food.
We actually "quarantined" him at my parents' place, with hubbs staying with his overnight the first 4 nights, and me for 2 nights, then hubbs again. I was really paranoid and afraid that he'd pass the hfmd to the twins you see. So far, every time he gets sick with flu/cough/runny nose etc, the twins would get it. But this HFMD is more onerous in my opinion, and I truly did not want them to get it. Hence the quarantine.
It was tough on us all. Isaac having HFMD made us burn our weekend plans - we missed out on the gathering at J & PY's on Friday night, Emmeline's wedding on Saturday, and another gathering with friends. In the end I went to Emm's wedding alone, with my parents. Felt very "empty" without hubbs and the kids.

Hubbs had a tough time sleeping at my parents place - not used to the unfamiliar surroundings. I missed having hubbs at home as my redundancy help with the kids if and when I needed him in the middle of the night. Thankfully most nights Asher & Shawna were fine and I could handle them alone.
However, the one who had it the toughest was Isaac. He not only had a huge painful ulcer on his tongue - he also couldn't go home for a week! He missed home terribly and constantly asked to go home. He also wanted to be with both hubbs and I at the same time - when I went home and hubbs stayed with him overnight, he cried for me. When I stayed with him overnight, he cried and asked for his Papa. So fair, right? :p

After a week, on the Wednesday he went for the doctor's appointment, he was given the all-clear to go back to school the next day. But on Thursday morning, he proclaimed that he wanted to stay home and did not want to go to school! We figured he really missed home after being away for a week, and we allowed him to stay home.

And thankfully, think thanks to the quarantine and tons of praying - Asher & Shawna did not get HFMD! phew!!! :) Praise the Lord!!!

My other pair of twins: Asher & Shawna! We brought them all to the pd on Saturday morning 2nd October 2010, and hence had their weights taken! :)

Shawna @ almost 9 months - 7.8 kg
Asher @ almost 9 months - 8.1 kg
Isaac @ 3 yrs & 2 months - 14.2 kg
Gotta run - leave you with some pix of the kids having fun with bubbles! :)
all pix & video taken on 11th June 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 5 months
Isaac & Natalie @ 2 years plus
Isabelle @ 5 years
Rebecca @ 6 years plus

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  1. Proof that your Mum and mine are sisters - The "Milo" story. She told us that when we were young too. That she had Milo when she was bearing my sister and milk when she was having Julian and I, and hence we are fairer and she is the darkest amongst us all.

    The truth is that PoPo was a Dusan, and Mum remembers Gong Gong's Mum wearing a sarong kebaya as well, so we have Malay blood in us. Look at every single sibling within the Lee family. All of them has at least one child who is darker than the others - Desmond, Choy Wan, my sister, Alvin, your sister, Valerie ...

    So, I discredit the "Milo" story, as easy as that theory sounds. Haha!


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