Saturday, 30 October 2010

Send my babies to school!

Ocassionally, Isaac would tell me about the going-ons in school. He doesn’t tell me everything all the time, just mentions bits and pieces now and then. So one morning, in the car…

Isaac: “Xinrui bring her baby to school. Teacher Siti bring her baby to school. I also want to bring my babies to school!”
Me: “Huh send our babies to your school? Cannot lah, Mummy got no money, very expensive you know.
Isaac: Ung… send my babies to school!
Me: No money lah. Next time okay, when they are older, they can go Toddler Class, then not so expensive.
Isaac: I want money!
Me: Okay, then you have to earn it.
Isaac: I want money!
Me: Okay. So how are you going to earn it? It doesn’t drop from the sky you know.
Isaac: Drop from the sky? Okay!
Me: No, no, I say it does NOT drop from the sky – you must earn it.
Isaac: I want money!
Me: No, Isaac, it’s “Show me the money!!!”
Me: hahahahaah (cheap thrill)
Isaac: I want money!
Me: Okay okay. Then you must study hard, then do well in school, get a good job, and earn lots of money, okay?
Isaac: I study hard already. I want money!
Me: You must study harder, and longer. Why you want money huh?
Isaac: Because I want to send my babies to school
Me: Ohhhh....
Isaac: I WANT MONEY!!!
Me: Isaac, you’re a very good boy, you want to earn money to send your babies to school. You’re a very good kor kor. Good boy.
Isaac: I want money.

This went on for quite a while, with Isaac asking for money, and I was basically repeating and rehashing the above conversation... so it went on and on, till hubbs couldn’t take it anymore, so he searched his pockets, found a 20 cent coin, and gave it to Isaac.

Hubbs: Here’s some money.
Me: Say thank you.
Isaac: Thank you Papa.
Hubbs: You’re welcomed.
Isaac: Mummy, look, I have “two” and “zero”.
Me: Two and zero is??? Twenty! Twenty cents, you have 20 cents! You’re rich!
Isaac stared at the 20 cent coin in wonder. Then a look of extreme relief and happiness crossed his face.
Isaac: Mummy!!! I have 20 cents! I have money! I can send my babies to school now!!!
Me: Hahaha… yes, Isaac, you do have money… but I don’t know if…
Isaac: Yay!!! I have 20 cents! I can send my babies to school!!!
Me: Hahhahaha okay, later you go to school and tell Teacher Sharm and Teacher Surinder that you want to send your babies to school okay? If they say 20 cents can send them to school, I also don’t mind! ;p

What a sweet big brother he is! And notice how he calls Asher & Shawna “my babies”? He always does that :) I would refer to the babies as “Our babies” when I talk. But Isaac will always call them “my babies”. He would always tell me proudly “Mummy, Xinrui only have one baby, Teacher Siti only have one baby, but I have TWO!”

My Isaac! :)

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  1. You guys look so adorable. Glad to see there is so much love in your family. I took my babies swimming or swimming lessons and we had so much fun. The pictures turned out really great as well.


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