Monday, 25 October 2010

Too Bright!!!

No, I am not a Twi-mum, but this is the vampire I swoon over... kekeke... my Izaak ze Vampire! He's afraid of the sun! hiak hiak hiak...

He's usually alright out playing in the sun. But in the car, he would usually avoid the sun. Like in this vid, the sun would be annoying him. Hence the sunglasses...

And hence the reason why he has off late, chosen to sit in the back seats rather than up front with me. He used to want to sit up front with me so that I can hold his hand while I drive. Or he'd hold my arm, when I "need my arm back". Nowadays, he'd want to sit at the back coz "at the back no sun."

Hahaha... my Izaak!!!

vid taken on 18th June 2010

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