Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The kidzes as of 26th June 2010

My Asher & Shawna! They're growing up fast and I can't blog fast enough! In a blink of an eye, they're now 10 months old (5 months old in these pix below). They still look about the same though, but bigger.
They're both cruising already - walking by holding on to furniture. Shawna even sometimes stands without support. And both of them are very adept and crawling on all fours, sitting up by themselves, and climbing onto furniture.

Look at the two of them admiring Isaac's sticker wall. They've been very amused with it and they like to look at it.
They have a rather different character.

Asher, we find is more 'manja'. He wants and likes to be carried all the time. If he is doing something he shouldn't be doing - like pulling on cables, or climbing too high etc - we would just call out his name, and make say "hmmm" in a warning tone, and he would stop in his tracks, turn around, look at us, and burst into tears after 5 seconds.

This technique wouldn't work with Shawna though. She would continue about her mischief, ignoring us calling her, not heeding our warning tone noises. She WOULD turn around and grin at us cheekily, though! sigh!!!
And this is our Isaac :) He wants to follow me and does everything I do. I take photos of the babies, and so he wants to as well :) And so, coz I kiss him and the babies all the time, so does he! hehehe...
pix taken on 26th June 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 5 months plus
Isaac @ 2 years and 10 months plus

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