Monday, 20 December 2010

Before the water bath...

pix as of 3rd October 2010, post written in June 2011. Backpost to 20th December 2010, 1.23am. Finally in 4Q2010!!!

3rd October 2010 (Helena's birth date!!! :p) is also the day my Asher & Shawna got baptised! Hahaha... that's why Shawn turned down my request to engage him to take pictures for the baptism, coz it was his wifey's special day! :) so sweeeeet!!!
So here we are at my mum's place, after mass, but before the baptism in the afternoon. We hope the kids' good moods last till afternoon! :p See my Asher smile!!! Baptism pix in next post! :)
Asher & Shawna @ three days to 9 months

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