Friday, 17 December 2010

Our twins are... kinda different.

Miss us? I miss my blog! I miss writing!!! And yes, I am backdating my posts again, so that the 2010 pix posts would remain in 2010!!! pix below from 31 Jul 2010 - when the twins are a week to 7 months old. This post is written on 31 January 2011.
Our lovely sweet Shawna. She is very smiley and she has twinkly eyes. People tend to say that she looks very "sharp" and "alert". She's mighty cheeky too - with a temper to boot! Did I tell you about her temper? She's a fiery one. When she doesn't get her way, she'd pound the floor in anger, with her head bowed down till she almost touches the floor with her forehead. Good practice for sit & reach, I say!
And our Asher!!! He's a smiley one too. But with people whom he's not familiar with, he takes longer to 'warm up'. So he usually doesn't seem as smiley to strangers. And so the comment that we get most about him, is that he appears rather... "zen"-like ;p hilarious! When Asher was younger, like at 6 months ish as in these pix - he didn't have much of a temper, compared to Shawna. He was zen-ish, and pretty calm about anything. If you take something away from him, he wouldn't even cry. He would just take something else, or crawl away.
Now, though, Asher's learnt how to throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way. His way of doing it is that he'd arch his back, and cry. And he'd throw back his head. Very scary, coz he's very strong!!! If we don't hold him tightly, the force that he throws his head back and arch his back, can cause him to knock his head on the floor, or anything nearby (wall, table etc). Scary...
Shawna's not one to be trifled with though. I've witnessed the following quite a number of times. Sometimes it's Asher and Shawna, sometimes it's Isaac and Shawna. Basically, one of her brothers would be snatching something from her. She would snatch back the item from him. Then the brother snatch again, from her. She looks at him, and snatches it back, the second time. The third time,m the brother snatches again. Pause. Shawna gives the brother The Look. She then snatches the item back from the brother AND proceeds to use the item to knock her offending brother's head! KOK KOK KOK, knock three times!!! Hilarious I tell you. And she started doing this at like 9 months ish. 3 chances and I'd knock you out!!!
Look at them. Very comfortable with each other. The above are only a few of the differences in Asher & Shawna. Other than being a boy and a girl, which is innately and naturally a bit different, they have many other dissimilarities as well. It's quite a joy to get to know each of them personally as they grow up. To see how similar they are, and are not. It's interesting. To me, at least it is. Or maybe that's coz they're my kids. kekeke... coz every parent thinks that their kids are the cutest kids in the world, right? Nope. My kids are the cutest in the UNIVERSE! I win!!! HAHHAAHAHA...
pix as of 31st July 2010
Twins @ a week to 7 months old
this post written on 31 January 2011

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