Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas time is family time!

pix taken on 25th December 2010! post written in August 2011, back posted to 25th December 2010 :)

Christmas time is family time! My sister kindly offered to host the Christmas party at her house. We made sure to take the requisite family pix immediately after most have had their dinner. As usual, with so many in the picture, it was almost impossible to get a perfect one - thus I'd uploaded two - with these two combined, it'd be a perfect pic! :) You can see above how our clan has grown! Above is the pix of The Cuzzies + spouses/partners + offspring, if any. And not even all the Cuzzies are there! In fact, there's only 10! Just slightly less than half-strength! And for the individual family shots... presenting the Number Twos!!!
The Number Tens above (sorry Chiang, this was the only pic I had)... and the Number Threes below... (great pic, if I do say so myself!!!)
Number Fours above very under-represented... ;p

And the Number Fives below, yes, that's us!!! :) I suppose you could say we are... prolific?! kekeke... Again, please combine both pix for the perfect photo! :p
Oh and we had to celebrate the birthdays of the two December babies, of course! Yew Luang's birthday on 24th, and my Dad's on 31st. And in December 2011, we should have another birth to celebrate! Congrats Yew Luang & Chin San!!! :D
Isaac and Natalie in one corner playing with spud heads... and lookie lookie, cute pix of my Asher below! (Taken by Yew Yi, I think. Thanks!!!)Can't wait to celebrate Christmas in 2011!!! :)

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