Saturday, 18 December 2010

Do twins look alike?

pix taken on 29th August 2010. Asher & Shawna @ 7 months plus. post backdated to 18th December 2010, 11.23pm
One of the most common comments we get when people see the Asher & Shawna is "Twins?! How come they don't look alike?!" Well, that's coz they're NOT IDENTICAL TWINS, silly... (No, I don't say that, I just think it... kekeke...).

And for the record, identical twins are twins formed from a single fertilised egg that split into two. Hence a boy and a girl pair of twins, are NOT identical twins - coz, like, they're different gender, you know :p If they do look alike, they look as much alike as a brother and a sister can look alike - for example, if a brother and a sister born 3 years apart look alike, they're just siblings that look alike, it doesn't make them twins.
So anyway, yeah, most people comment that Asher & Shawna do not look identical. Yup, they surely don't. Shawna looks like me, and Asher looks like hubbs. Thank goodness it wasn't the other way round. See, praying helps!!! :)
See Asher with his bib? At one point, Asher always had to wear a bib coz he salivates a lot. A LOT. Really. And if you're going "Sure, babies all salivate a lot at a certain point in time." Well, that's what we thought, but no! The funny thing is, Shawna did not salivate as much. Neither did Isaac, for that matter. During Isaac's time, we hardly used the bibs at all. We didn't use them much for Shawna as well. But Asher... thank goodness I still kept all those bibs - sure came in handy!
pix taken on 29thh August 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 7 months plus

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