Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Firestation visit

Pix taken on 27th November 2010. Post written in August 2011, backposted to 21 December 2010, 7.23pm. Isaac @ 3 years 3 months plus

The first year the twins were born was very tough for us. Handling 2 babies plus a toddler was really no joke. Already-skinny hubbs dropped 10kg just in the first 6 months of the twins birth - hence further decreasing the probability of my weight being lower than his again (yes, I was once lighter than him okay!?!).Just as we were adjusting to the twins, Isaac was also adjusting to having two new siblings. We were quite conscious about making sure that he didn't feel "left out" or "neglected". Hence, we made sure that hubbs and I would spend time with him. As I was fully breastfeeding the twins, I was sorta needed around the twins more, yet when Isaac is home, he'd want me to spend time with him as well. Thus, I was often exhausted. To give me a breather at times, hubbs would bring Isaac out on mini-excursions. This fire station visit was one of those :)It so happened that when they were at the fire station, the main big fire engine had gone out on a call. So Isaac was kinda disappointed that he didn't get to sit on it - though he got to sit on the other fire trucks, ambulance, motorcycle and such. So naturally, hubbs promised him another visit - and you know what, till today, Isaac still remembers this and reminds us that we were supposed to bring him to the fire station again! Time to plan a visit soon! :)

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