Saturday, 18 December 2010

Friday nights fun!

pix from 20th August 2010. post written on 23rd April 2011. post backdated to 18th December 2010 8.23pm

It's Friday nights at my sister's place again! :) It's become a routine of ours that Friday nights we go to my sister's place for dinner. It's as much as for the gathering to see everyone, as it is for food and games. Somehow, I still prefer my mum's and my sister's cooking than my in laws' cooking. Not saying that my mother-in-law's food isn't nice - hubbs swears by it - but guess it's not as appealing to my taste buds :p And think hubbs thinks the same way - vice versa-lly! (if you know what I mean!? hahahhaa...)
At my sister's place, we'd have dinner. The kids will play - sometimes they swim, sometimes go outside to ride their bikes/skate-scooters or play at the playground. Sometimes we play boardgames after dinner. Sometimes, they do all of the above, swim, dinner, play outside, play boardgames. So the outside play especially, gets them all sweaty and they all troop upstairs to bathe. And sometimes, after bath time, my sister reads to them... And Isaac, in his typical Isaackiness, will wriggle his way to a prime seat, beside the story-reader, right in front of the book!!!
Isabelle with her long fringe. She recently had it cut shorter. Heard she put up quite some resistance to have her fringe cut. She likes it long, apparently :)

Look at sweet Natalie (or, Bei Bei, as we call her) and her sexy mole just above her lip. She wasn't born with that mole - it appeared a few months ago. Just like that. Yeah! Amazing huh. But it looks good on her :) just pray it doesn't start sprouting hair :p I love this pic below!
Becca's a big girl now, 8 this year! It's amazing how time flies. The year she was born, 2003, hubbs and I had gotten together - yes, boyfriend-girlfriend! And Isabelle, she turns 6 this year. We got married just one day before Isabelle was born, in 2005. And Natalie. Well, Natalie's born in the same year as Isaac, 2007! She is approx 3 months younger than Isaac. My nieces are my milestones!!! Hahahaha... See, you know you're getting old when you have to use milestones to recall and remember things... :p
pix taken on 20th August 2010
Isaac @ 3 years old
Natalie @ 2 years 9 months
Isabelle @ 5 years 3 months
Rebecca @ 6 years 9 months

These crazy pix are hilarious!!! I love to take pix of them, though it's never a perfect shot coz there're too many variables!!! But together, they're one perfect montage :) Thank God for cousins!!!

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