Sunday, 19 December 2010

Gathering at SQ & YJ's place

Pix taken on 17th September 2010. Post written on 15th May 2011. Backposted to 19th December 2010, 10.23am.

Look! That's Glenda and Shawna! Glenda is Suqing & Yongjian's girl :) She's just a few months older than Shawna. The Spyders were long overdue for a gathering and had finally arranged for it to be held on 17th Sept 2010, and SQ & YJ had kindly agreed to host it at their place at The Pinnacles @ Duxton :)
Hubbs and I were the first in the group to have a kid. So Isaac's the oldest kid. Then in 2009, three of us were pregnant! SQ, WQ and I! 3 preggies with 4 babies! SQ & WQ delivered in 2009, but I only delivered the twins in 2010 January, so they wouldn't be in the same school year. BUt this was the first time we were going to meet and the kids could play with each other. Pity WQ & Eric flew us an aeroplane :p
Our requisite gathering pix :) Must apologise for not getting all my kids to look at the camera on demand - very tough, ya know!?!? hahahaha...
I wanted to get more shots of all of us, but somehow everyone abandoned us on the sofa! Isaac was uncooperative and ran off as well. So we took the opportunity to take some shots of us and the twins. Asher & Shawna actually look pretty cute with their heads shaved. kekeke...
Oh but guess what day is 17th September? It's hubbs' birthday!!! :) And we have another two September babies amongst us! hubbs... Hweech and Alan!
Hweech's on 6th September and Alan's 5th September and hubbs 17th... so they all got to blow saliva all over the cake... :p
And YJ and SQ kindly served us our cake. After that we even went up to the infamous roof top garden at The Pinnacles to take a walk :) was very nice! Eye-opener too!
And... it was during this gathering that we had confirmation from Cel & Alan themselves... that... they were pregnant!!! kekeke!!! yay!!! Spyder Baby 5 akan datang!!! :) Congrats, guys!!!

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