Monday, 20 December 2010

Halloween 2010!

pix taken on 31st October 2010, Halloween!!! Post written in July 2011. Back posted to 20th December 2010, 3.23pm. Most of the pix in this post were grabbed off my sister's facebook, and only a handful are mine.

It was 31st October - Halloween! So my sister decided to have a Halloween cum birthday party for Natalie whose birthday falls on 3rd November. Look how nicely my sis and the girls decorated their place!

And these are the kids' Halloween costumes. Natalie was an adorable little elephant (her favourite animal), and Isabelle and Rebecca were Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent (the witch in Sleeping Beauty) respectively - though Becca looks more Magnificent than Maleficent! :)

We bought a cape and a horror mask for Isaac - but coz hubbs wore it out to look for Isaac (who'd ran off with the girls to do trick or tearting with before even putting on his costume) - hubbs scared Isaac so much with that horror mask (the one like in the Scream movies), that Isaac refused to put it on.

The kids had a blast going house to house collecting treats. We had great fun going about looking at the decorations and the costumes the other people had on too. As the development had many caucasians, there were many people celebrating Halloween and the atmosphere was really fantastic.

And even though my sister bought so much candy to give out, she ran out before the night was over, and thought she could recycle some of the kids' loot (since we'd never let them finish ALL that candy anyway) - but Isabelle found out, and boy was her wrath something to behold (well, I'd be pissed too!!! :p) So that put an end to that :p Apparently, we weren't the only house that ran out of candy - towards the end of the night, people were giving out cereal bars, biscuits and dried fruits - I kinda preferred those actually! :pAfter the kids came in from trick or treating, they started painting their pumpkins! My sister actually bought these kits that came with a real mini pumpkin and mini paint set, for the kids to paint... Cool huh :)

And after that, we played Orchard (or known amongst the kids as "The Crow is Coming Game" Coz the objective is for all players to work together and pick all the fruits off the trees before the puzzle of the crow is formed... So everytime they throw (the dice) and the crow turns up - everyone'd shout "The crow is comiiiiiiing!!!"). Decided to play a simple game coz some of the kids did not have game-playing experience.

And since we were celebrating Natalie's birthday... we had to have a cake! sort of! Haha this year it was a huge jelly in the shape of Barney! Boy did Barney taste good! :)

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