Friday, 17 December 2010

Isaac, my son!

These are pix of Isaac half a year ago, 24th July 2010. Yes, I did it again, I am half a year behind in my blog! urgghh!!! :)

I love these pix of Isaac. He looks great here, smiling and all. His hair is a little long, though. This must have been at that time when he refused to let me cut his hair. Shortly after, he finally agreed and his hair has been pretty short ever since coz he usually would have a haircut when hubbs does.Anyway, so this is Isaac, my firstborn. He looks all nice and smiley in most of the pix, but let me tell you, this boy has a temper to behold. When he does not get what he wants, he would scream and shout - when he cranky (which is usually a function of either hunger, or tiredness). When he is well rested and well fed, he can actually be very polite and agreeable. I guess this is common for most children.
However, perhaps coz he's in his throes of TT (Terrible Two and Tiresome Three) he gets pretty cranky and screams and shouts pretty often nowadays. Can be very embarrassing too, when he does this in front of outsiders or people who we're not familiar with. Then again, who cares what strangers think, right? It is even more embarrassing when he does that in front of friends and relatives! Sigh!!! What kind of upbringing does he have!?!?! they must be thinking *cringe*
However, sometimes when he does certain things in a fit of anger... he'd remind us of.... me. Hubbs would look at me and give me The Look. And I'd grin at him and say "hehehehe... he's my son!" and hubbs would roll his eyes and give a resigned look... followed by a grin ;p
So I was just thinking about this on my drive to Changi Business Park earlier today, and it struck me how similar Isaac's and Shawna's temperament were similar to mind. The difference between me and them is, I am more mature than they are, so I have the presence of mind to weigh the consequences of my intended reactions and decide how to react to certain situations. I am able to assess the situation to decide what is the best way to go react in order to obtain what I want etc... and have the sense to determine what is or is not appropriate behaviour etc...
But underneath it all, if I were to abandon all self-control, I have the same temperament as they do, or rather, they - me. It's all rather amusing. Though, I am so not looking forward to their teenage years then - I was a right pain in the @r$e to my parents and sister in my teenage years. But nevertheless... I have hope... coz I turned out pretty alright, didn't I? :) (says me!!! :p)
So, everyday, I see Isaac... and I see my flaws in him. And I try to improve... myself. (Yes, I do try...) and also, I constantly ask myself how to "deal" with myself, like, ya know, what'd work? and then I apply to Isaac... and most of the time it does work! :)

Isaac, my son!!! (My retribution!!!) ;p

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