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Isaac's birthday celeb Aug 2010

Pictures below as of 1st August 2010. Written on 19 Feb 2011. Posted on blog on 19 Feb 2011. Post backdated to 18th December 2010 (All August 2010 pix-posts would be dated 18th Dec 2010) .
Every year, for Isaac's birthday. He'd invariably have more than one birthday celebration. At least two, usually. One with my side of the family, and one with hubbs' side of the family. And usually a birthday celeb on the actual day as well.
These pix were taken during the birthday celebration with my side of the family. Look at the skate scooter :) my sister's birthday gift to Isaac. He'd seen Rebecca and Isabelle on their skate scooters, and he'd love to have one.

So my sister did get him one. And Natalie too! hahahaha... There was no way she could escape getting Isaac one and expecting Natalie to wait another 3 months to her birthday for HER skate scooter. So, there.
We went to Bengawan Solo to get a cake, and I told Isaac to choose his own cake. I was looking at the Chocolate Gateau, and the Mango Cake, the Black Forest... wondering which to get... when Isaac pointed to the green Pandan/Kaya Cake (not the chiffon cake) and said he wanted that. I was like "Huh?! are you sure?!" coz I'd never tried it before, and the green was quite... ermmm...
But he insisted on it, and so.... we bought it. I was afraid it wouldn't be nice. But thankfully, when my sister saw it, she was like "Oh! We love this cake! It tastes great!" *phew* !!! And it was very nice indeed! Very light and refreshing, and not creamy at all (I don't like cream!). Very different from the usual chocolate cakes that we usually have. But very nice! :) Good choice!
We'd decided not to have a big do party for Isaac this year... well, coz we already had those before when he was younger? Besides, we were gonna to a birthday celebration for him in school. And we know that he'd enjoy the day having a fun time playing with his cousins. So, we figured a nice family celebration would be just nice.
My Isaac and his green cake :) He'd been telling everyone he's Three (years old) for ages. And he'd certainly been looking forward to his birthday. Finally, he was three! on 6th August 2010! :)
pix above taken on 1 August 2010
Asher @ five days to 7 months old
Isaac @ five days to 3 years old

Natalie @ three months to 3 years old
Isabelle @ 5 years plus
Rebecca @ three months to 7 years old

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