Sunday, 19 December 2010

Isaac's haircut

pix taken on 25th September 2010. Post written in May 2011. Back post to 19th December 2010, 5.23pm. Isaac @ 3 years 1 month plus.

I took these pix coz I was quite pleased with the haircut I'd given Isaac. He wouldn't cooperate and look at the camera proper though.
Think back then, this was one of the first times that I'd cut this hairstyle for Isaac. Since then, this is often the hairstyle that I'd cut for him, give and take a bit of variation on how long the hair on the top of his head is. This one in the pix here, I believe, should be a Number 8 or a Number 6 on the top, with a Number 1 for the sides and back. Hubbs keeps wanting me to just shave him straight Number 1 all round, but I don't like it that way. I prefer to keep the top a bit longer. So this is our compromise.
Sometimes I miss seeing Isaac in his longer hair look, but then whenever his hair grows out, we find it very untidy, and so, we tend to cut it quite short again. So, I'd experiment, cutting the sides and back short, but leaving more hair on the top... hehehe... I just cut his hair again on Saturday morning, and it was quite nice indeed. Will try to get a pic of that! :)

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