Sunday, 12 December 2010

Kidzes at play!

pix as of 24th July 2010. Once again, I have done it. I am so behind in my blogging that I have to rush towards the end of the year :p Well, good thing that I have some leave to clear then. Gonna try to get in some blogging the next few weeks... along with a ton of other things that I intend to do! :p
Here're the kidzes lounging in bed again. Isaac loves to get down onto the babies' mattress and frolick about with them. He is getting slightly more tolerant now and doesn't complain as much about the babies touching him. But he would still complain when they kick him or something...

Awhile back, Isaac had this notion that if he hurt someone unintentionally, he would not need to apologise. I explained to him that that was not true. That "even if you hurt someone accidentally, also must say 'sorry'".

So now, whenever Asher or Shawna accidentally brushes by or kick or touch him, he will say "Mummy, you say accidentally also must say sorry, right? So Asher/Shawna accidentally hurt me! He/She must say sorry!!!" sigh! hahaha...
But Isaac really loves his babies. He would always kiss them, repeatedly. Generally, he likes to play with them and enjoys being around them... until they take the toys he's playing with or attacks his food while he eats... :p hahaha...
Did I tell you that Asher can talk? He can call Mama, Papa, Nai Nai, Ye Ye, all very clearly. Shawna on the other hand usually gibberish still. We thought it was quite interesting that Asher is linguistically quicker than Shawna - who is physically faster! Usually, it's the other way round (for boys/girls)! :) Doesn't matter to us, they're both lovely babies! kekeke...
Oh and you know what? Shawna and Asher can both sign "milk" already. Just last night, Shawna signed "milk" to tell me that she wants to drink. Clever girl! :) Both Asher and Shawna know how to get into the drinking position, and signal that they wanna suckle. They usually do not throw tantrums, they'd tell me in gibberish, then move into position, then sign "milk milk" :)
A few weeks ago, Shawna weighed in at 8.2kg and Asher at 8.5kg... I think. Something like that :) Asher's 300 grammes heavier but he actually doesn't look it, think it's coz he's taller than Shawna. I'm just praying that Shawna doesn't inherit my Thunder Thighs and Bombastic Bum!!! (Maybe she wants the Bursting Boobs though :p)
I can't believe it's the end of the year again!!! Have you bought your Christmas pressies yet??? Gift exchange?!?! Come patronise our store at! Look for us on Facebook and LIKE US please!!! hahahhaa...
pix as of 24 July 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 6 months plus
Isaac @ almost 3 years old!

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