Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mix with ink and you become black too!

pix taken on 5th November 2010. Post written in July 2011. Backposted to 21 December 2010, 3.23am. On 5th November 2010, I brought Isaac and Mary brought Charlene, we went to Singapore Repertory Theatre to catch a children's play :) After the play, Ziyang and Lucas came to meet up with us, and they gave Isaac and I a lift home. Yep... hubbs had to work that Saturday...
You know when we were younger and had our school friends and all... How we used to think that with certain people, we'd be "friends forever" and stuff like that... yeah well, of course, in our generation where we managed to have email addresses during our university time... and with the help of facebook - we largely did manage to keep in touch with most of the friends we want to keep in touch with...
But over the years, I have noticed, that it is the people who roughly go through the same life stages as you, that you would manage to keep in contact with more... and when I say "life stages", yes, I do mean, like, going to school, getting married, having kids...
And it really helps to have kids around the same age. For then you can do activities together - like concerts, outings, taking lessons even - the kids that is. And while the kids are engaged in their activities, the mummies and daddies can catch up.
It's almost like... you know when we were all in school together. Then when we all graduated and started looking for jobs - everyone split in different directions. Then one by one, couple by couple, we got married, and our paths converged a little again, if only for that day - the wedding day... Then, we started having kids, and this time, the paths came closer again. Where we once almost come to a point where there was nothing much to talk about, there is now a plethora of subjects to go on about... the kids.
But over time, it's not a filler anymore. As you get to knwo each other better, now as fellow parents, you start to scan each other, to see if you and your hubby have similar value systems as these other couples... consciously and unconsciously, you start to seek out the people you wish to spend more time with - the people with similar value systems, or even better or more efficient ones, which you aspire to be!
At least, it started unconsciously for me, but it became conscious when I voiced it to hubbs one day:"... they're very nice! And their children are so well behaved! Wow, okay we can ask them out more often! :)" Suddenly, I wondered if others viewed us the same way! Gosh! And then I thought, have we always been doing this, subconsciously? It would make sense to do so, wouldn't it?
I guess, as the chinese saying goes... (I dunno what the first half translates to, but the next half says something like) If you mix with ink, you become black as well... So, the flip side of that is that if you mix with nice people, you become nice as well? :)

Well I hope so, and I hope I choose well :)

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  1. Mommy of the 2 kids in the photo29 July 2011 at 18:41

    I like this post!! You are a great friend too!!


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