Sunday, 19 December 2010

My Cousin Emmeline's wedding

My cousin Emmeline & (her hubby) Vincent's wedding was on 11th September 2010. For the past few years (at least 5 years, I think!) - every year on September 11th, I have a wedding to attend! Without fail! It's quite amazing. It must be an auspicious date. Or perhaps it's easy to remember. Then again, maybe it signifies "A New Beginning"... :p

Rebecca was asked to be her flower girl! :) But my sister didn't want the other two girls to feel left out, so she dressed them all in white! The three angels! :) Yes, that's my sister, and my mum in green :)
And the page boy is Nigel! My cousin Choy Wan's son. I have many cousins. About 50 in all. More than 20 on each side (my mum's side, and my dad's side). So many that I can't recall exactly how many cousins I have. I love having so many cousins :) Love big families. Both sides of my grandparents each had 10 kids. Power huh! Power of love!!! hahahha... (Or POWER of not having tv and internet in the 1940s/1950s!!! - There you have it! wanna increase the birthrate?! Cut the power! No internet! No TV! Confiscate all handheld games and mobile phones! kekeke...)
Isabelle looks so cheeky, eh!? :) Had lotsa fun taking those pix of the girls!
Here comes the bride! All dressed in white!!! Wait a minute! It's the flower girl Rebecca, page boy Nigel, and bridesmaid Valerie, down the aisle first!
Ya know, I always cry when the bride walks down the aisle. Always. Without fail. At least 1 drop of tears. At Valerie's wedding, I was positively sobbing my eyes out. I was thinking if only my Popo was still around to see us getting married... sigh...
Best friends/cousins Emmeline & Valerie! :)
My cousin James, whom we have "lost" to Australia. He's migrated there. He's not the only cousin I have "lost" to Australia. My cousin Joel and his wife Andrea and three kids Jarrod, Zachary and Caitlin... and Terence & his wife... I hope we don't "lose" anymore... I keep thinking "When are they going to invent teleporting?!?!" :p If only we could travel to countries by "teleporting" or "apparating" ala Harry Potter ;) (yes, I'm a Pottermaniac!). I remember one of Joel's old computer games that I'd always enjoyed watching him play. Was some sort of a chess game. But the pieces had to do a battle everytime, to determine a fight. I wonder what it's called. Well anyway, one of the pieces had a special ability to teleport from one square to another square far away. Cool game!
From left to right, my 3rd auntie (Sar Ee) and my 1st auntie (Dua Ee) - my mum's sisters. And my mum and dad. oh and that's me in the centre lah :p My Sueh Ku (my mum's youngest brother) and family below.
And the huge #2 family!!! My 2nd auntie has 5 kids, all married, and all with kids or expecting! :) Cool huh!!! :p
My cousin Alexius & Reine his wife. Myself & James below. Nice pic!!! :)
James & his mummy! Oh and finally, the beautiful bride Emmeline & groom Vincent below!!! :)
Emmeline's brother Alvin and his wife Claire :)
Our Auntie Constance and her hubby Uncle Martin! :) My Auntie Constance is a great source of inspiration to many of us. She isn't born blind. But became blind after an incident in her childhood. Yet, she has represented Singapore in regional games meets, travelled all over the world, went to Japan on her own to study and subsequently settled down in Tokyo opening her own acupuncture practice, and found herself a husband in UK! (I don't know how they met, really!?). She is one woman who really, against all odds, lived a full life. Salute!!!
pix taken on 11th September 2010

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