Friday, 17 December 2010

Phone pix from July 2010

Believe or not, I've only just learnt to download the pix from my phone. So here are the pix taken in July 2010 - when Asher & Shawna are about 6 months old and Isaac is almost 3 years old. Post written in April 2011, backdated to 17th December 2010 11:23pm.
Yes, Shawna above, and below, sitting on Isaac's tummy. I was having Shawna sitting like that on my tummy when Isaac said:" I also wanna sit on your tummy!" I was like "huh?! YOU sit on my tummy?!?! errr... why not Shawna sit on your tummy???" Luckily he agreed... :p
You know how the kids have phases? Well, Isaac was going through this phase, where everyday after I pick him up from childcare, he'd want to go to the petrol station to "Buy a drink." But his definition of a "drink" is actually H-TWO-O, the isotonic drink! This is coz, everytime hubbs drives into the petrol station to top up petrol, I will inevitably ask him to "get me a drink". And he will invariably get H-TWO-O coz he knows that I likes to drink that. So Isaac has come to associate the word "drink" as equating to "H-TWO-O isotonic drink!" hahaha...
Nope, Isaac doesn't wear glasses! He was just fooling around and wanted to try them for fun coz I was in a spectacle shop, trying on frames for fun. So he wanted to imitate me and do the same. He does look rather different with glasses on, doesn't he?
I tend to call the above pic the "Isaac is crawling with babies! shot." hahahaha... :)

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