Sunday, 19 December 2010

Picnic @ West Coast Park with Lucas & Charlene

Yay! We're into September 2010 already! Slowly but surely, I am making progress! (kekeke... self-encouragement is the best free support one can give oneself - yes I am crappy today...) Pix as of 4th September 2010, written on 4th May 2011, backposted to 19th December 2010.
We're at West Coast Park with Lucas & Charlene, and their parents Mary & Ziyang. We're there for a picnic, and to fly kite :) and to let the kids play together. Charlene is 2 years older than Isaac, and Lucas is a year older than the twins. Look at them playing with Shawna :) Lucas is really sweet and gentle.
Above - looks as though Lucas is about to give Shawna a kiss!!! Hahhaha... Sometimes Mary and I joke about how, in future, what if Charlene and Isaac get together. I used to tell Isaac sometimes, jokingly, "You must be a matured boy okay, don't be so childish, later Charlene don't want you." hahaha... Now, what about Lucas and Shawna? hahaha... It'd really be quite amusing next time, if they were to really get together... I really like Lucas though, he's very cute!!! :)

Below: Shawna, your cleavage is showing! Quick sit up! Luckily Lucas is not looking... :p
And where's Isaac? Playing with sand!!! :)
pix taken on 4th September 2010
Shawna @ 8 months
Isaac @ 3 years 1 month


  1. hahahahahahaha!!!! I LOVE this post!!!!! I love that pic where L seemed to kiss Sh!!! Hahaha!! Oh... Wai Yee (our collegue) suggested this pairing: Ch and Is, L and Sh, my baby no. 3 with As! hahaha!!

  2. Oh yeah! Just nice! That's it. you must tell Kin Loong to tell Enyi to hands off, please. Hahahaha...


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