Tuesday, 21 December 2010

School "concert"!

pix taken on 30th November 2010, post written in August 2011, back posted to 21st December 2010, 9.23pm.

I love to watch kids perform! I find it very entertaining! Also, perhaps, I am looking forward to the day Isaac, Asher & Shawna can do playback theatre with hubbs and I - we'd form our own Playback Theatre troop! :) Perhaps conduct lessons for kids to do playback? you never know! :)
It was a year end Graduation Ceremony to mark the end of a school year, where the kids would progress to the next level. Isaac hence went from N1 to N2. He was very proud of the fact that he was "growing up" and would soon be in N2 already. Teacher Lina did a good job in drumming it into Isaac that being older comes with more responsibilities kekeke...

Can you see Isaac in the far left? This is the "dance item" put up by the N1 kids - though there wasn't much dancing but more ribbon waving. Still, it was cute :)
Each level combined to perform an item or two. In the picture above, the kids were supposed to represent an animal each. They acted out a simple skit. Ooooh, so reminds me of the skits we put up in primary and secondary school.
This is the "real graduating class" - the K2s! They're all wearing their respective school uniform of the school they would be attending in the following year 2011. Thought it was a great idea to make them wear the school u. Makes them look all grown up, too!
Even the dance item they put up was more hip and happening! :) Joy, look at Zara's pose, below! :) Stylo mylo!!!
Back to the N1s for a song & dance item :) All stand there, blur blur like that. hahahaha...
Nice pix with Teacher Siti, Teacher Lina and Hu Laoshi - Isaac's Chinese teacher in N1.Isaac with a constipated look?! hahahahahahahhaa...

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