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Scratchy scratchy

Pix taken on 5th September 2010. Post written on 4th May 2011, backposted to 19th December 2010, 5:23 am

Look at my Asher, scratching his neck. Asher was born with eczema. He had it pretty bad on his cheeks and his folds of the skin around his neck, and his elbow fold, back of his knees, and even behind his ears. Thankfully, with constant application of intensive moisturizer for sensitive skin, and some steroid cream, his eczema condition has improved greatly. However, it seems to have gotten Asher in the habit of scratching...Speaking of scratching... Isaac has this habit of scratching... me! Yes, he scratches me!!! It is really quite annoying, coz I find it ticklish. He would usually like to scratch me along my waist. However, coz I try to stop him from doing it, he would then resort to scratching whichever part of me that he can reach, and that could be my arms, legs, or other parts of my body.
I find it really annoying, and so I'd say:"Isaac! Stop scratching me!!!" At first, when I started saying this, he'd throw a tantrum and insist on scratching me. Now, he will come up with all sorts of reasons or things to say, like...

Me:"Isaac! Stop scratching!!!"
Isaac:"NO.... I am not scratching..."
Me:"Then what are you doing?!"
Isaac:"I sayang you only... see..."
He quickly stop scratching, but insteads strokes me...
Sometimes he'd go...

Me:"Isaac! Stop scratching!!!"
Isaac:"A little bit."
Isaac:"A little bit only."
He scratches a little bit.
Isaac:"See - a little bit only."
Me:"Isaac! Stop scratching!!!"
Isaac:"One time, please? please!!!"
Me:"Oh okaaaay, one time only!"
Isaac scratches once.
Isaac:"Okay, scratch already."
Me:"Yes, okay, enough already."
Isaac:"No, not enough! Scratch scratch!"
and he proceeds to scratch a few more times!
But I think the best crap is when he goes...

Me:"Isaac! Stop scratching!!!"
Isaac:"But you're wearing "the scratching t-shirt" - so I must scratch..."
Me:"But every shirt I wear also you say is "scratching t-shirt"!?!?"
Isaac:"Hehehe that's why must scratch!!!"

This, by far, is his favourite 'excuse'. He'd always giggle and proclaim that I am wearing "The Scratching T-shirt" and so he MUST scratch me. Hiaz!!!
I'm not sure why he likes to scratch me as well. But my guess is, coz he doesn't have a pacifier, or no chow-chow (smelly pillow), no favourite stuffed toy, and no security blanket - scratching me is his "comfort action", his only indulgence. He likes to do it when he is about to go to sleep. Well, sighz, I often remind myself that this is much better than his previous favourite comfort action - he liked to touch and fiddle with my nipple! *blush* This was when he used to breast feed, he'd drink one side and twiddle the other side - I'd always stop him of course, then he started to think it was a game coz I kept preventing him from touching. Luckily he outgrew that. Or rather, it grew into this 'scratching' thing instead! hahaha...
When I think of that, then I think:"Hmmm... this time round we shouldn't have the twins fiddling the other side then, coz the twins would drink at the same time! hahaha... no chance!" But then again, they do drink on their own now and then. We'd see. Did I tell you that I did some research at the time when Isaac liked to twiddle fiddle and you know what?! Apparently, only the boys do it! The baby girls don't!!! So, now I have my test case... kekeke... I'd let you know ;)
Which reminds me... you know what?! Asher has also started "scratching" me sometimes, when he drinks!!! Sighz!!! Perhaps I am fated to have my kids SCRATCH me. Better scratch than twiddle fiddle huh... Or maybe it's my t-shirt... :p
pix taken on 5th September 2010
Isaac @ almost 3 years 1 month
Asher @ almost 8 months

I really like these pix of Isaac! Really captures how cheeky he can be!!! :)

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