Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sharon & Ashley's wedding

Written in August 2011, backposted to 21st December 2010, 3.23pm

It was 20th November 2010! (Hubbs' sister) Sharon & Ashley's wedding day!!! It was a pity we couldn't be present in the morning to witness the gate-crashing to see Ashley fight his way through to Sharon - the twins were less than a year old, and we couldn't have coped with appearing at the house early in the morning. So, here again, I cheat, grabbed the pix below of Sharon's facebook page - enjoy!!!

Sharon stated in her facebook comments on the pic below that she thought my father-in-law (her dad) was like in a half-smile. Actually, I thought he looked like he was about to cry!
Nicely "aged" pix eh? Really suitable for taking pix in a housing estate that's almost 40 years old! Classic! Great pix eh! Not taken by me, but by the wedding photographer.
Look! These are pix from the picture machine that they'd rented for their guests to use during the wedding lunch. Fabulous idea! Everyone had lotsa fun taking pix. It's basically this huge black box that has a camera linked to a computer and a printer in it. They also provide this backdrop thingy, which you have to stand in front of to take pix. So, once you activate it, there's a flashing light that countdowns like 5 seconds, and then the camera will start taking pix. Kinda automated. Then the pix get printed on the spot - talk about instant gratification!
My parents came for the wedding lunch as well! :) Nice pic this turned out to be!
I'm not usually one to make Shawna wear headgear of any kind. I'd always thought it was kinda unnecessary as (1) She looks like a girl, even with short hair. (2) I thought the head thingies look kinda silly. But that's just me - the tomboy who never liked clips and such :p

But on that day, I saw the barbie band lying about at home, my mum had bought it for Shawna from one of her recent trips overseas. So I thought "Oh, why not!?"and so we wore it for Shawna. Geeeez.... it generated so much comments - all positive - but frankly, I was surprised at the amount of attention it got... :p
A wedding is a great time to catch up with ones friends and family! Above are my father-in-law's relatives whilst below are my mother-in-law's relatives.
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Pang!!! :)

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