Sunday, 19 December 2010

Swimmingly fun!

pix from 25th September 2010. Post written in May 2011. Back post to 19th December 2010, 7.23pm. Asher & Shawna @ 8 months plus. Isaac @ 3 years 1 month plus. Natalie @ 2 years 10 months plus. Isabelle @ 5 years 4 months. Rebecca @ 6 years 10 months plus.
Swimming at my sister's place! The girls get to go swimming almost everyday (unless it rains). Isaac loves to go swimming as well, so when we can, we try to bring him swimming too. Hubbs usually joins in to keep an eye on them as well. Natalie & Isaac below.
Becca above. Isabelle below :)
So what were the twins doing while the rest of the kids were swimming? They were in the house. Can't recall why we didn't bring the twins swimming as well. But it was likely that the water might be a tad cold, or that one or both of the twins were sick or sniffly. Or, all of the above :p
Well, I'm sure we'd have lots of chances to bring them swimming next time! :) Just that when they were younger, we erred on the side of caution as we didn't want them to catch a cold and fall sick again. Compared with Isaac (when Isaac was their age), the twins fall sick more often. But we think this is most likely coz Isaac is in childcare and hence he tends to bring back viruses with him sometimes... most unfortunately, but really can't be helped. We're just glad that the twins are growing older and thus would be stronger and more resistant to virus attacks! :)

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