Saturday, 18 December 2010

Teacher Foong Ling's SOT graduation

Pix dated 28th August 2010. Post back post to 18th December 2010, 9.23pm.

Remember Teacher Foong Ling? She was Isaac's favourite teacher at one point in time when she was still teaching at Isaac's school. Thanks to facebook and other modern technology, it was easy to stay in touch even after she left Isaac's school. So, one day, she invited us to witness her graduation at her church where she was going to graduate from her School of Theology course.
It was an eyeopener for us as we had never been in a church that was so big - big in terms in number of people attending, that is. There were like thousands of people there in the auditorium. It was also my first time attending a City Harvest church celebration. Hubbs said he has attended once before, a long time ago.

Isaac was excited and looked forward to seeing his Teacher Foong Ling. He spent the whole service asking me "Where is Teacher Foong Ling?" He drove me crazy! He must have asked me like at least 50 times, even though I kept telling him where she was. And then, when he finally got to meet her, he suddenly got all shy and didn't even talk to her!?!?! *dursh*dursh*
pix taken on 28th August 2010

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