Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Twins wrestling?!

18th July 2010 pix - Asher & Shawna @ 6 months plus...

Is this my first post of the twins 'wrestling'? I can't remember. Anyway,haha, I enjoy taking pix of them playing together. They enjoy pushing one another, climbing over one another, and lying beside each other. I just have to make sure they don't go too far - like biting each other or accidentally suffocating each other (coz they like to crawl and pile on top of each other).
See, this is Shawna almost getting a bit of Asher, who is oblivious and looking at the sticker wall. Lately I realised that the twins have been peeling stickers off the sticker walls. They're really nimble with their fingers the two of them. They tend to get those nice pop-up stickers off the wall, leaving behind the white base. Thankfully Isaac doesn't realise it. The funny thing is, Isaac never used to have this habit of peeling the stickers off the wall. Odd huh. haha
Shawna's at Asher's foot in the pic above. Usually I'd try to move them out of each other's (kicking) way, but sometimes they move so fast that it happens before we can react. However, the good thing is, they usually don't seem to "mind" each other. Like if one baby got kicked by the other baby, so long as it wasn't a tremendously hard kick - they're okay with it. Unlike Isaac who is very particular about it and would complain profusely if any of the babies kicked him, even if it wasn't painful.
My happy Asher! :) He's a smiley one, but so is Shawna. Asher however, has this kinda zen-ness to him. He's quite cool and collected and like, very thoughtful-like. He is also prone to smile-but-not-smiling. In dialect, we call it "um-chio" :p

Asher likes to put his face in our faces, as if to kiss us. He is very affectionate like that. He's slobber all over my face, to which I reply "Oh, Asher you kissing Mummy? Thank you! I love you too!" :p
Shawna is more want to pushing away your hands if she doesn't want you to be in her way. She even pushes your face away - which Asher and Isaac gets a lot from her hahaha... The two of them also snatch things from one another... yes, already!

Oh you know i last updated that Shawna has 5 teeth? Now she has 8! Four above and four below! So fast, right?! Asher's still at four only hahaha... but it's okay, he'd catch up, he always does.
Speaking of which - Asher's started to stand and take his first 1 - 2 steps! :) Shawna can now stand very steadily and has taken up to 5 - 7 steps independently. They both crawl and cruise very quickly now.
Look at these pix - so many varied poses - none posed for, though! And all happened within minutes! They really move very quickly! And I do like these shots of Shawna below... hehehe... my sweetie pie!!!
pix taken on 18th July 2010
Asher & Shawna @ 6 months plus

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