Saturday, 29 January 2011

CNY reunion dinner 2011

Cock-a-doodle-do, my Mummy's lost her shoe... our father's lost his shaving kit, whatever shall we do?!
Hubbs and I haven't that many pix with the twins. It wasn't easy to have a moment to take a picture with the both of them, and with Isaac too. So when we have the chance, we grab it! Isaac stood with hubbs and the twins to take pix, but by the time it came my turn, Isaac lost patience and went off to play with his cousins. Nowadays, whenever Isaac didn't want to be in a picture, I'd remind him:"Please remember that you are the one who refuse to be in the picture. So next time, don't ask Mummy how come you're not in the picture okay!?"  Yes... he's been throwing tantrums, questioning us why he isn't in pictures...
Our Chinese New Year reunion dinner at my parents' place. We forgot to take a family picture that night, urrrghh! Look at the yummy food though! Every year I put on weight during Chinese New Year! urrghhh!!!
Pictures taken on 29th January 2011

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