Friday, 7 January 2011

Kor Kor Isaac

Pictures taken on 7th January 2011. Isaac @ 3 years 5 months and Shawna at 12 months.
Isaac was taking to the twins very well. We constantly told him that he should be a nice kor kor to his brother and sister. He had also more or less gotten over his jealousy over them after we enrolled him in childcare. We made sure that either hubbs or I would give him one-on-one attention when he was at home. That helped things a lot. 

I also made sure that I'd constantly hug Isaac and reassure him, telling him that I loved him very much. And that I still love him even though I loved Asher and Shawna as well. I think it helps a lot.

One day, Isaac kissed Asher's and Shawna's feet and he said to me:"Mummy, I kiss my babies' feet because I love them! Just like you!" I almost cried when he said that. He was imitating me as I loved to kiss and smell the babies' feet!

I didn't know he even saw me kissing the babies. This is because I have been trying to avoid kissing the babies in front of Isaac as I thought it may make him feel even more jealous of the babies. But obviously, Isaac is more observant than I thought he was, and he was more loving than I credited him for! 

See in the second picture Shawna's climbing up the chair on her own. At 12 months, Shawna could walk already. She was faster than Asher in this aspect. As early as 11 months, Shawna could stand up on her own and attempted to take steps.

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