Thursday, 1 December 2011

Popo say drink water can pass motion easily!

Isaac's really quite a good boy who listens to what we say, generally speaking. Of course he has his tantrums and stubborn behaviour etc, but he is also the sort to "file away info" for furture use.

Just a few days ago, one evening, he jumped up from the dining table and said:"Mummy, I need to pass motion."
Me:"Oh. Sure, go ahead."
Isaac:"Come and switch on the light for me, Mummy."
So I got up, followed him to the loo, switched on the light, leaned against the sink as I watched him strip off his pants and climb onto the toilet bowl.
Isaac:"Mummy, I need to drink need water."
Me:"What? Now? Drink later, after you're done passing motion."
Isaac:"No!!! I need to drink water now!"
Me:"Huh... But why - "
Isaac:"My motion very difficult to come out! Popo says drink water helps my motion come out easier."
Me:"Popo is saying you must drink lots of water EVERYDAY. Now then you drink, I doubt it's gonna help."
Me:"I mean, it's not going to work, too last minute already. Mummy tell you already, you've to eat lots of vegetables, eat lots of fruits, drink lots of water EVERYDAY then you'd be able to pass motion with ease."
Isaac:"I want water now!"
Me:"Okay okay, fine, you can drink water now if you want. I'm just telling you, it may not work."

I used our cup (for brushing teeth) and filled it with a bit of tap water, and passed it to Isaac. He took it, drank a sip, and while holding on to the cup, still perched on the toilet bowl, he start to move his bowels (what's the proper English phrase for "gek sai"?). With the cup (and the water in it) shaking from the force of his movement, I quickly told him to put it on the water cistern as I didn't want him spilling it. Besides, he needed both hands to help him balance on the toilet bowl...

Plop. Plop.

Isaac:"There. You see. Drink water already, motion come out. Popo say one."
Me:"Wow, yes. Okay, good! Well done!"
Isaac:"Popo also take a cup and put tap water for me to drink, you know."

Hmmmm... I'd have to go check with my Mum on this one! :) And tell her how seriously Isaac takes her word :)

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