Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Guess what?! I'm rambling!!! I mean, I'm quitting!!!

SIGH. I feel so sorry for my blog. It must be feeling so neglected ;p Work's been crazy. And what with us trying to start My First Games, and keep it going, and with my 3 lovely kiddos... People tell me they're amazed that I have a blog. Well, I am determined to keep it going!!!

SO! I have decided to quit my job and update my blog on a full time basis!

NOT! hahahahhahahaa.... though... seriously, do you enjoy my writing? Would you pay good money to read something written by me? Perhaps you could start by simply dropping me fan mail... or add comments to the page... (can you hear the desperation?!)

Actually, I decided to quit my job to do My First Games full time..... NOT! *sob*sob* I wish!!! Sigh, I really wish. But then, I am not getting a lot of business, and the margins are not fantastic, so... I'm afraid I can't do it full time yet...

But seriously seriously (I should inprove my vocabulary).... I am quitting my current job! ;p changing jobs. Yes, yes, I found a job before I quit (is there such a word as "quited" as in past tense of "quit"?). Would still be in real estate (no, not agent)...

So anywayz, I have 2 weeks break coming up soon. And I plan to catch up on my blog then. Wish me luck! And stay tuned!!! :)

oh and as you can see, the above rambling is the result of not updating my blog for a long time. Cold turkey!!! blleeaauughhhh!!!


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