Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shawna goes shopping (plus backposts)

Again, pardon the picture quality - these are pix from my phone, taken a week ago, last Friday 22nd April 2011.
We were in a shopping centre which had some kiddy rides like the one above. Hubbs was carrying Asher, and was talking to a friend he had bumped into. I was talking to Isaac, Natalie and Becca, trying to teach them how to steer the ride, as well as stop the machine, to prevent any collisions.

Suddenly, my helper walked past me, and said "Did you see Shawna?!". Immediately, I started scanning the surroundings, coz clearly, Shawna had disappeared. My sister overheard, and started searching as well.

We were in an open area that led off to quite a number of shops. Thankfully it wasn't very crowded, and I could see quite clearly into all the shops and I didn't see Shawna in them. However, there was that Cold Storage which went quite deep in... somehow, I just thought I should search inside...

And true enough, there she was. At least 10 metres deep into the store, Shawna was walking around the fresh produce section. And she was, just... strolling. She wasn't even crying nor looking for any of us!

SIGHZ! It was quite a scare! - "Shawna!!! Don't go off shopping on your own okay?!?! Must bring Mummy along!!!" :p

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