Monday, 18 April 2011

Sick, again?!?! (plus backposts)

We're all sick! Again!!! Yes, we were, last week was quite bad, like the entire week, we were all sick. But we're better now...

It first started with Isaac last Saturday night 9th April 2011 - he had fever. Started Saturday night, through Sunday. Monday we brought him to see the pd. Coughing very badly. Fever. Sick through Tuesday, and Wednesday...

Wednesday night, I lost my voice. Think I caught the bug from Isaac and it caused my voice box to bugger up - rendered me voiceless. Through Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you hardly heard anything from me. Sunday was just slightly better. Hubbs was enjoying the silence tremendously.

By Sunday, Isaac was much better, and so was I. Think this was largely coz on Thursday, we went to see my uncle who is a GP, and we were both put on antibiotics. However, by Friday, Asher came down with fever, and Shawna on Sunday... SIGH...

Anywayz, as of today - Monday 18th April 2011 - Isaac is better and went to school today (after skipping a whole week last week), I am better and went to work today (1st day at work!!!), and the twins are better now. Hope we're all on our way to complete recovery! :)

Here are two backposts for you! Pix from 6th August 2010.

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