Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Trying very hard! (plus backpost)

Yes, me, I'm trying very hard to catch up with my backposting - which till now, is still in August 2010! But I've managed to keep this blog up for 3 years plus (since Isaac was born) and I shall continue to persevere!!!
I'm also thinking if I should concurrently update the new pictures while doing my backposts... still considering, coz the chronologicalness ingrained in me is protesting... But, I don't like to have wordy posts without pix, so here! I have got the pix below off hubbs' facebook - these are pix which he has taken with his phone and had them uploaded on his fb. So, forgive the blurriness eh, but in the meanwhile, they'd do - so that my blog post is not pictureless!!!
Also this is an attempt to capture the pictures that we have taken from our phones. The pictures from the phones are usually a bit blurry, and quality wise - not very good. However, they really capture the spirit of the moment, sometimes. And often, they wind up being our handphone wallpaper etc for a period of time. Something to look back on as well. So, the Tan Family Chronicler (that's me) will want this chronicled as well. Enjoy!

pix taken circa April 2011
Asher & Shawna @ 15 months
Isaac @ 3 years 8 months
The two pix above, was hubbs brave brave attempt at bringing the 3 kids to Jurong Point, all by himself! I was away that morning - was Qing Ming, went with my parents and the Lee Family relatives to sweep tomb... Brave hubbs! :)

Oh!!! Almost forgot my backpost link - Beautiful kids, they are! Good post with lotsa beautiful pix!!! :) Enjoy!!!

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