Sunday, 29 May 2011

The last of September 2010 backposts

Yes, that's it from September 2010! And with these done, we'd be moving on to the 4th Quarter of 2010!!! YES, we are making PROGRESS! :)

Wake up, kidzees!
My little manja!
Isaac's haircut
Swimmingly fun!
Ian & Amanda's wedding

Monday, 23 May 2011

6th Anniversary of our union! :)

Six years ago today, 23rd May 2005, we got married! :) Happy Anniversary, hubbs!!! :) The past 6 years have been amazing, and I couldn't have chosen anyone better to spend that with :p

Last year, we shared what happened on our wedding day with you. This year, I'd share with you the wedding day powerpoints that we showed our guests on our wedding day at the church reception. We had a long story to tell, so we broke it into 3 powerpoint slides. Here's all three series in one long blog post.

After all this time, we still enjoy looking at these slides... As per the usual custom in wedding powerpoint slides... we start with the baby pictures... enjoy!!!

So before we start Chapter 2 below... a fun fact about our wedding day... Do you remember what day was 23rd May 2005? It was a Monday, yes, a weekday! Actually, it was Vesak Day! We got married on a public holiday! So, even though we did our official & customary & church wedding all on the same day, hubbs and I will usually wish each other "Happy Annniversary!" twice a year - on Vesak Day and on 23rd May! :)

Now, before we start on Chapter Three... I must confess... that I can't remember the exact date which hubbs proposed to me!!! And hubbs can't remember either!!! But every year, we know the anniversary of his proposal and we remember it... how??? Coz... he proposed to me on Easter Sunday!!! :) So every year on Easter Sunday, we look at each other and say:"Do you remember what today is?" :)
6th January, Easter Sunday, 12th May, Vesak Day, 23rd May, 6th August, 17th September... all year round, we have special days. Thank you for sharing in our joy today, everyday!!! :)

Every friend we have is a sprinkle of icing on our cake. Thank you for making our lives so sweeeeet!!! :) *muakz*muakz* !!!


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