Tuesday, 17 May 2011

"Mini-me"s??? (plus backpost links)

We were in West Coast Plaza sometime in late April 2011, and there was this parent-child lookalike contest, which we could have a picture taken by a professional photographer. Can't recall what we stand to win, if we win, but we just wanted to have the picture taken. And try our luck. So here are the two pix. Don't you think hubbs and Asher look alike? And what about Shawna and I? :)
Backpost links from Sept 2010 & March 2011 ! :)

1 comment:

  1. Eng wee and Asher do look alike except maybe the skin colour lah. But u and Shawna.,,,,.,, wooooooo......... Photocopy lor.... The eyes, nose, skin colour even the hairstyle !!! And Shawna is quite a poser siah ! L
    eyes directly at the camera, right on spot and with attitude, like the pics !!!! / peishi


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