Thursday, 21 July 2011

Paranoid Pam feels good to be home =) (plus backposts)

It's good to be home. It really is. I'd just returned to Singapore on Monday 18th July 2011. I was in Europe for a week - Prague and Bratislava - for work mostly. Generally, it was a good trip. I got to meet my bosses and my colleagues. And I got to see two nice European cities. Except, I really missed hubbs and the kidzes.I know it sounds sappy, but really, what's the good of seeing something beautiful when you don't have your loved ones around you to share them with?

In the beginning I keep having running conversations in my head, imagining what I'd be telling Isaac if he was around, to ya know, like "See, Isaac, look at that!" etc... or the comments I'd make to hubbs about the things I see. Very quickly, I wised up that they aren't around. Then I started composing my running commentary on pictures that I take that when I get to see them with hubbs once I get home... it was like I was making a point to remember stuff about Prague just so that I can go home and tell hubbs about them...

I guess I'd never really realised what a part of me hubbs has become, that only when he isn't around, that I feel less than half... absence makes the heart fonder huh :) But other than that... yes, the trip was good. Work-wise, all went smoothly. Colleagues are all generally nice and friendly, bosses all nice and understanding. Prague and Bratislava were both very beautiful.

All my prayers to bring me back to my family safe and sound were answered - I wasn't conned or robbed, wasn't raped or murdered, luggage didn't get lost, didn't drop my camera, didn't lose my keys/money/laptop/passport, plane didn't crash nor fail to land properly. I didn't even get lost, didn't miss my trains nor flights, and all the food I ate all tasted nice. See, you can SO tell I had a great trip! =)

But honestly, I did enjoy the trip to a certain extent. I'm the kind that seriously wouldn't mind going places alone - so being alone on this trip (yes with no other Singaporean colleagues or whatever) is completely fine with me. It is also physically a break for me to be away from taking care of the kids. It would be the first time in almost 4 years that I've had undisturbed sleep. It was also the first time I travelled Business Class - the 12 hours in the air flew past in a jiffy, slept great on the plane. Hahaha... yes, it seems that about the thing I enjoyed and relished the most, was probably the quality sleep I got! :) and in my sleep, I can dream of my kidzes and hubbs! hahahhaa...

The last of the October 2010 backposts...

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