Thursday, 25 August 2011

Now, let's do 2011!

Nope! Isaac doesn't wear specs! He's just trying them on coz I was at the opticians getting my glasses done. pix dated 18th July 2010! More than a year ago! :) I can't help it! I just must have pix with every blog post, if possible!!!
Right!!! Now with 2010 completed, we can start on 2011! Before you start to groan, thinking that this is The Forever Back-Posting Blog - fret not! I have decided to go about this concurrently - meaning, I'd start posting CURRENT news (hurrah!!!) starting with the beginning of August 2011, interspersed with backposts starting from January 2011.

Have I confused you already?! kekeke... Never mind, just come back often to catch up on The Tan Family Chronicles - that's what's important :) Yes, that's right! So, even before you go downstairs on 27th August 2011 to cast your very secret vote on who you want to vote in as your President of Sunny Island Singapore - you should come here to this blog to check it out for your dose of nonsense from Mrs Tan-Tan (yours truly!!!).

Now, as you can see, I'm in quite a mooood... so! Let me regale you with a shitty story! A nice one, I promise!

You see, Isaac having just turned 4 on August 6th 2011, has (since a few months ago) begun his "Why?!" phase in earnest. Why this? Why that? Why? everything! He asks questions about anything and everything. Thankfully, I'm one which has all along been in the habit of explaining things to him since he was born, so I am quite well... used to answering his questions. Though, recently, it gets a little tiring.

Anyway... so one of the more interesting conversations went like that one day a couple weeks ago...

Isaac: "Mummy, (he said in a very serious voice) why does food we eat become motion?"
Me: (*blink*blink*) "Erm... riiiighht... why does food become motion?"
Isaac:" Yes. Why?"
Me:"Okay, you see, when you eat food, the good parts of the food are nutrients. They help you grow your hair, your nails, make you grow taller... But the not-so-good parts of the food, become motion. That's why."
Isaac:"Oh.... like junk food?"
Me:"That's right! Junk food has very little nutrients in them, so a large part of junk food becomes motion. That's why you should not eat too much junk food. You should eat good healthy food with lots of nutrients."
Isaac:"Oh..." (pause) "Mummy, what is nutrients?"
Me:" Erm, nutrients is the good part of food lor. Like Vitamin C!"
Isaac:"Oh! And Vitamin A and Vitamin B?"
Me:"Yes, that's right! Vitamins are good!!!"

The first time he asked, it was about 2 weeks ago. Since then, about every 3 or 4 days or so, he'd ask me why food becomes motion, again :) But he does seem to understand, sort of. He just likes to hear me explain it.

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