Friday, 21 October 2011

Marry a nice girl, please!

Lucas, Isaac & Charlene - November 2010

Last night, while I was reading to the kidzes before bedtime, Isaac suddenly said something which launched us into the following conversation...

Isaac:"Mummy, one day, I will find a nice girl to get married."
Me:"Huh?! Oh yes, that's right, please find a nice girl to get married, and have some nice kids too..."
Isaac:"Yes, I will find a nice girl to get married."
Me:"So who do you want to marry?"
Isaac:"Er... Charlene, I want to marry my friend Charlene."
Me:"Oh, as in Charlene che che? Lucas' sister? Auntie Mary's -"
Isaac:"Yes, yes, my friend, Charlene!"
Me:"Oh okay! Yes, Charlene is a nice girl indeed... Erm, so you better be a good boy then."
Isaac:" Huh? Why?"
Me:"So that Charlene will want to marry you. Girls like good boys, you know."
Isaac:"Lucas is a boy, so he cannot marry..."
Me:"No no, you're right, he's a boy, so you can't marry him, erm, not really..."
Isaac:"Yes, so he cannot marry Charlene, he must find someone else. I marry Charlene."
Me:"Hahahhaa... Oh I see... It's okay, dun worry, Lucas is Charlene's brother. So she won't marry him. You don't need to worry about Lucas. It's Enyi you have to keep your eye on."
Isaac goes deep in thought...

Me:"What about in school? Who's the prettiest girl in school?"
Isaac:"Alycia. And Macy. Alycia is prettiest. And Macy also. And Charlene is prettiest also, but she's not in my school."
Me:" *laughing* So how come you suddenly think of marriage?"
Isaac:" huh???"
Isaac, Macy & Alycia - August 2011

hahhaha... I never found out. Perhaps I'd ask him again tonight. Or maybe I should ask his school teachers... hahaha...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Isaac's 2nd book is here!

Isaac's book is here!!! hehehe... very pleased with how this book turned out :) Look at the screen shot below! Most pleased, most pleased. Wanna see? Meet up with me!!! kekeke... otherwise, go here!

Made the book with Artscow. If you're inspired - read this post of mine on Artscow before you embark on your journey with them. Oh, and let me know which email address you want me to send you a referral email to, no trouble at all!
Think I didn't post this picture above when the books came. I'm very pleased with how Asher's book turned out. But not so with Shawna's book. Shawna's book looks a lot better on the computer screen than in 'real life'. I think it's to do with the background being too reddish - makes the pictures appear reddish too. I've decided to re-do Shawna's book with a different kit - one that's not so reddish, to see if it'd be better - I'm certain it'd be better!

Asher's book turned out very nicely. On the computer, I thought Asher's book was too plain, and that Shawna's book looked nicer. But it turned out that Asher's was nicer, think due to the blue, and the simplicity, actually brought out the pictures better. Well, lesson/s learnt!!!

Here are the links to these books:
Ah!!! If only I have more time on my hands, I'd do loads more books!!! SO satisfying!!!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Nice socks, or not?!

I posted this picture below on my Facebook wall yesterday, and generated quite a few comments on it.

Here's my comment that went with this pic post:"For the record, I wanted him to wear white ankle socks (or at least any other coloured ankle socks!) but he thinks his socks are very matching and he refused to change coz he says I'd not be seen with him today anyway. *faintz*"
It was hilarious - look at the reaction I got: -

Foo Sock Peng, Wu Yuping and 2 others (Nicholas Loe & Pamela Gordon) like this.
  • Nining Rowe lol
    Yesterday at 9:17am ·
  • Dawn Lee alamak....
    Yesterday at 10:54am ·
  • Cindy Quek Wahahahahha
    Yesterday at 11:27am ·
  • Phyllis Mok yes pam, it's matching. left and right match ;) hahaha... be comforted that my hub wears uglier socks for his runs
    23 hours ago · · 1 person
  • Hweech Chng For better or worse, Pam, haha.
    21 hours ago · · 1 person
  • Foo Sock Peng Now the whole world knows!
    18 hours ago ·
  • Ratz Domingo eh? i don't seem to see anything wrong with the combo leh... thot tt's the 'in'/'hip' (or whatever it's called these days) thing to wear? :-P
    18 hours ago ·
  • Lim Yen Peng Haiz.. Man r like that. I will also ask yenn Wah to pull down his socks whenever his socks r high. They just dun see what's the prob. Or maybe it's cos we r called women. It just look ugly to us.
    15 hours ago ·
  • Tan Eng Wee Thanks Zhen Guo! It's called acquired taste :p
    15 hours ago ·
  • Ratz Domingo Lol. now I see why men and women compliment one another... :-P
    15 hours ago ·
  • Ratz Domingo you're always welcome bro ;-)
    15 hours ago ·
  • Tan Eng Wee 随性嘛。。管他人的眼光,自己开心就好!:)
    15 hours ago ·
  • Sharon Tan Pam, u buy for my bro la :-)
    12 hours ago ·
  • Portia Tan Muahaha u r always so farnie bro!
    10 hours ago ·
  • Pamela Tan
    ‎@Sharon, he HAS many pairs of ankle socks, jogging socks, sports socks but he just wants to wear these coz he thinks it's a great match!

    @Zhenguo, you same same as him that's why you can talk like that. We must find you a nice girl to take care of you and take care of things like that kekeke...

    @Hweech, Yanping, Phyllis, that's how the men know we love them, right? Coz we allow them to leave the house to go out on their own in their hideous getup coz we respect their unique(ly them) dress sense.

And hubbs shows that he loves me when he changes his socks if I ask him to, coz he'd be out with me (and seen with me) hehehehhee...

Do a Dobby!!! Show your love with socks!!! Hahahhahahahahaha...

3 hours ago ·
Hubbs only realised last night that I'd posted the picture of his socks, even though I'd tagged him in the post. He said:"You should have posted a full picture of me, then they can all see how it matches." I replied:"That's not the point - it doesn't matter if you were wearing shorts, coz you're still not supposed to go out wearing shorts or berms with socks like that?!" hahahhaa...

We both had a good laugh. I knew he'd find it funny, that's why I posted it :) It's hilarious, it is! And it is soooo him. And for people who know him personally, they'd know what I mean. This is part of hubbs' charm. The "uncle" charm. hahahhaa...

The thing is, the socks do (sorta) match the shoes (which is why hubbs keeps on insisting that it DOES match), but to us women, we feel that it doesn't "match" the rest of the get-up. Like, he should be wearing sports socks - be it ankle whites, long whites (then look like school boy, or tennis player? hahaha), or coloured ankle socks at the very least. But then again, at least he's not wearing black business socks ;p (That's not to say he didn't try that before - yes, he did change out of those when I asked him to.)

We had a new colleague in office recently, who'd just relocated to Singapore to work. He was a bachelor, living by himself here. Recently, we started noticing that he'd come to office with his clothes un-ironed. But the clincher was when he recently appeared with his pants cut off at the ankles - yes! instead of having it shortened and properly hemmed - he'd simply used a scissors to cut off the excess length! The ladies in office were all horrified, but we made excuses for him amongst ourselves by saying that he was a foreigner here all alone.

Then a colleague of mine said:"No lah, he not married lah. If he has a wife, she'd not let him out of the house dressed like that. Coz I will not let my husband out of the house wearing his pants like that." Everyone laughed, and nodded. Being all either married, or attached or soon-to-be-married - we could all identify with that statement.

Somehow that statement stuck in my head and I kept thinking about it. It is very true to a large extent. And when this socks conundrum came up, I was reminded of this statement. So when, hubbs protested me asking him to change out of his socks by saying:"But you won't be out with me today - so nevermind lah!"The first thing that crossed my mind was:"But how can I let you out of the house like that?!" :p

But I think I can. I think, and I realise, and I know, that I love him enough to give him that bit of choice and freedom to dress that way and make a little fashion faux pas, if he so wishes. Similarly, I appreciate it that he does change out of his socks if and when I ask him to on the days when we are out together.

So, yes, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, nice socks or not, till the end of time. I love you hubbs!!! :)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Fiercest One

Who's the fiercest one? Shawna, of course. From very early one, we could tell, that Shawna was a fiesty one. She's one that knows what she wants, and she'd fight for it. She's persistent as well and won't let anything sidetrack her or distract her. If anyone snatches anything from her, she'd snatch it back, but not before hitting or biting whoever it was who dared snatch stuff from her. Yes, Shawna's The Fierce One, indeed.

Asher's The Quiet & Affectionate One. He's more quiet than Isaac was, and definitely not as fiesty as his sister. He's usually more quiiet, serene, calmn and collected, all round Mr Cool, he is. Quite different from his brother and sister. As a result, he's often at the bitten end of his biting sister. Though that's not to say that he didn't "ask for it" - it's usually coz he's snatching something from Shawna which prompts Shawna to give him a chomp. And if Shawna's a Biter, Asher's a Pusher. He often pushes Shawna, which usually earns him a reflex-push and another bite.

And Asher, being The Affectionate One, even likes to push people for the fun of it. Isaac's often at the receiving end of this one for Isaac often reciprocates - if he's in the mood to play. Asher would push Isaac, and laugh when Isaac turns around to tickle him. And they'd tumble about each other on the mattress or on the floor, giggling and laughing. Afterall it was Isaac who taught Asher his favourite game of "Walk, walk, walk, walk, BOOM!" - where they shuffle about walking on the mattress muttering "walk walk walk walk..." And "BOOM!" Sees them all tumbling down, and often, on top of one another.

Asher also likes to drape himself on people. He'd do that to Shawna, and Isaac and also to hubbs and I, when we're seated on the floor.Shawna usually finds it annoying and would either shrug or push him off. Isaac would usually give in and start playing rough with him. If I'm with them in the bedroom lying flat down on the mattress, Asher would enjoy sitting on my back, bouncing up and down. Same, if I'm facing upwards - I use this as my abs workout since I'd need to tense my abdominal muscles so that Asher's jumping on my tummy won't hurt me. If I'm seated, Asher would climb up my back to sit on my shoulders.

Of the three of them, Asher's the one to most readily hug people when we tell him to (usually to say goodbye, as in "Go hug Gong Gong, Po Po, say bye bye!") He'd readily run forward to give his hugs. Shawna would follow his example. Isaac... Depends on his mood, he'd hug readily if he's in a good mood, but not if he's not in the mood.

Shawna the Biter, Asher the Pusher, and Isaac? If anything, Isaac's the Whiner. He whines and nags quite a bit. In fact, he nags so much that hubbs says he's exactly like me in that respect. Unfortunately, I do agree with his assessment! Isaac's quite the smart mouther and a naggy one. Yes, as bad as me, he is!!! So much so that when I "argue" with him, I feel as though I'm arguing with myself! :p

All three of them are generally cheery children, as in, they are pretty smiley and laugh all the time, which is good :) They DO have their fair shares of fights and tears though - which kid doesn't?! :p


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