Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Fiercest One

Who's the fiercest one? Shawna, of course. From very early one, we could tell, that Shawna was a fiesty one. She's one that knows what she wants, and she'd fight for it. She's persistent as well and won't let anything sidetrack her or distract her. If anyone snatches anything from her, she'd snatch it back, but not before hitting or biting whoever it was who dared snatch stuff from her. Yes, Shawna's The Fierce One, indeed.

Asher's The Quiet & Affectionate One. He's more quiet than Isaac was, and definitely not as fiesty as his sister. He's usually more quiiet, serene, calmn and collected, all round Mr Cool, he is. Quite different from his brother and sister. As a result, he's often at the bitten end of his biting sister. Though that's not to say that he didn't "ask for it" - it's usually coz he's snatching something from Shawna which prompts Shawna to give him a chomp. And if Shawna's a Biter, Asher's a Pusher. He often pushes Shawna, which usually earns him a reflex-push and another bite.

And Asher, being The Affectionate One, even likes to push people for the fun of it. Isaac's often at the receiving end of this one for Isaac often reciprocates - if he's in the mood to play. Asher would push Isaac, and laugh when Isaac turns around to tickle him. And they'd tumble about each other on the mattress or on the floor, giggling and laughing. Afterall it was Isaac who taught Asher his favourite game of "Walk, walk, walk, walk, BOOM!" - where they shuffle about walking on the mattress muttering "walk walk walk walk..." And "BOOM!" Sees them all tumbling down, and often, on top of one another.

Asher also likes to drape himself on people. He'd do that to Shawna, and Isaac and also to hubbs and I, when we're seated on the floor.Shawna usually finds it annoying and would either shrug or push him off. Isaac would usually give in and start playing rough with him. If I'm with them in the bedroom lying flat down on the mattress, Asher would enjoy sitting on my back, bouncing up and down. Same, if I'm facing upwards - I use this as my abs workout since I'd need to tense my abdominal muscles so that Asher's jumping on my tummy won't hurt me. If I'm seated, Asher would climb up my back to sit on my shoulders.

Of the three of them, Asher's the one to most readily hug people when we tell him to (usually to say goodbye, as in "Go hug Gong Gong, Po Po, say bye bye!") He'd readily run forward to give his hugs. Shawna would follow his example. Isaac... Depends on his mood, he'd hug readily if he's in a good mood, but not if he's not in the mood.

Shawna the Biter, Asher the Pusher, and Isaac? If anything, Isaac's the Whiner. He whines and nags quite a bit. In fact, he nags so much that hubbs says he's exactly like me in that respect. Unfortunately, I do agree with his assessment! Isaac's quite the smart mouther and a naggy one. Yes, as bad as me, he is!!! So much so that when I "argue" with him, I feel as though I'm arguing with myself! :p

All three of them are generally cheery children, as in, they are pretty smiley and laugh all the time, which is good :) They DO have their fair shares of fights and tears though - which kid doesn't?! :p


  1. hahhahaa thank you, thank you, you ARE so kind! I'd like to think I don't whine. But I know I do nag quite a bit, especially at hubbs!!! :p hahaha...


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