Thursday, 13 October 2011

Isaac's 2nd book is here!

Isaac's book is here!!! hehehe... very pleased with how this book turned out :) Look at the screen shot below! Most pleased, most pleased. Wanna see? Meet up with me!!! kekeke... otherwise, go here!

Made the book with Artscow. If you're inspired - read this post of mine on Artscow before you embark on your journey with them. Oh, and let me know which email address you want me to send you a referral email to, no trouble at all!
Think I didn't post this picture above when the books came. I'm very pleased with how Asher's book turned out. But not so with Shawna's book. Shawna's book looks a lot better on the computer screen than in 'real life'. I think it's to do with the background being too reddish - makes the pictures appear reddish too. I've decided to re-do Shawna's book with a different kit - one that's not so reddish, to see if it'd be better - I'm certain it'd be better!

Asher's book turned out very nicely. On the computer, I thought Asher's book was too plain, and that Shawna's book looked nicer. But it turned out that Asher's was nicer, think due to the blue, and the simplicity, actually brought out the pictures better. Well, lesson/s learnt!!!

Here are the links to these books:
Ah!!! If only I have more time on my hands, I'd do loads more books!!! SO satisfying!!!!

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